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News: Thank you to everyone who helped on our field trip last week!  It was a great success and so much learning and fun was had.  Our holiday party is Friday at 10:15.  Remember your $5 gift for a boy or girl, wrapped for the party.  See the previous post for more information.

Language Arts  Last week we worked on long o sounds and producing middle sounds in CVC words.  I will be introducing silent e this week to go with our study of long vowels.  This will be for the purpose of explaining why they say their name and for those who are ready, for writing as well.  Homework for long i and a will be coming home tomorrow with an explanation of silent e. Please return by Friday.

Math/Science/Social Studies  We are working in Module 3 on measurement.  We are comparing objects length and height using words longer than, shorter, than and taller than instead of bigger.  Please try to use this vocabulary at home as well.  We are having a Super Science Day on Wednesday, December 19th.   We would like some helpers to come in about 1:30 to help us with our 5 senses final project.  We will need 1 more volunteer to help for about 45 minutes.  Please respond to this post if you are able to come and run a station.  In Social Studies we completed our economics learning.  We finished our assessment today as well.

Letters Of The Week:  Long I

Letters in Review: Ss, Mm, Rr, Bb, Tt, Nn, Aa, Dd, Oo, Ii, Cc, Gg, Hh, Ff, Pp, Ee, Vv, Zz, Uu, Ll, Ww, Jj, Yy, Zz, Kk, Qq  Long A, O

Words of The Week: you, get

Words in Review: the, I, can, see, like, to, look, at, come, and, a, we, go, in, my, he, is, has, are, for, here, you, this, little, she, said


Long vowel page- going home Tuesday.

Math: Module 3 Lessons:  lessons 6-9, and extra practice number writing, counting,  and recognition to 10 in all formations if needed.  Review of flat shapes, circle, square, rectangle, triangle, and hexagon, along with solid shapes, cylinder, cone, cube, and sphere is needed as well.

Language: Continue to work on reading the sight words in their guided reading bag. You can have your child create a set at home to practice as well.

Leader In Me 

We have been discussing our circle of control and how we can only control our own actions.

Don’t forget to check the Lindbergh tab at the top for school news and events!


Have a wonderful week of learning!

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