News You Can Use 12-3-18

News:  We would like to welcome Mrs. Pamela Warren to Lindbergh.  She will be assisting our Kindergarten rooms for the next few weeks in an effort to assist in reading, writing, and math instruction.  Mrs. Warren was a teacher and her children have attended Lindbergh in the past.  She will be doing both small group work and whole group assist in both our room and Mrs. Ruselink’s room.  She will be utilizing the room across the hall as a work station for small group work.  We are happy to have her here!

Field trip money and information needs to be returned all at once in an envelope with the 3 forms and the money by Wednesday.  Exact change would be greatly appreciated.

PBIS Reward: Tuesday is game day for those who achieved 80% on green.  See the post for more information.

Book Orders   I am extending it until tomorrow night!  I did not have a $25 order, so for free shipping I am extending it 2 more days.  This will be the last one before the holiday break. These orders will be due online by Tuesday night.  If you would like to buy books as gifts and you would like me to keep them a secret, I can do that.  Just send me an email so I know let you know when they arrive.  I will give them to you and not send them home with the children in class.

Language Arts  Last week we worked on opinion writing and learning how to edit our writing to make it better.  We stared our chart, adding editing for spaces and capital letters at the beginning of or sentences.  We also worked on changing ending sounds to create new words.

Math/Science/Social Studies  In Math we continued Module 2 on shapes.  We focused on solid shapes, both naming them and sorting them.  In Science we finished investigating all our 5 senses. In Social Studies we discussed needs and wants.  We graphed how much sugar was in the snack we chose and who had the best snack choices in our groups.

Letters Of The Week:  Kk, Qq

Letters in Review: Ss, Mm, Rr, Bb, Tt, Nn, Aa, Dd, Oo, Ii, Cc, Gg, Hh, Ff, Pp, Ee, Vv, Zz, Uu, Ll, Ww, Jj, Yy, Zz

Words of The Week: she, said

Words in Review: the, I, can, see, like, to, look, at, come, and, a, we, go, in, my, he, is, has, are, for, here, you, this, little


ABC Book

Math: Module 3 Lessons:  lessons 1-2, starting Thursday and extra practice number writing, counting,  and recognition to 10 in all formations if needed.  Review of flat shapes, circle, square, rectangle, triangle, and hexagon, along with solid shapes, cylinder, cone, cube, and sphere is needed as well.

Language: Continue to work on reading the sight words in their guided reading bag. You can have your child create a set at home to practice as well.

Leader In Me 

We focused Habit 2 Begin with the End in Mind.  We read our story and discussed having a plan to help us reach our goals.

Don’t forget to check the Lindbergh tab at the top for school news and events!


Have a wonderful week of learning!

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