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First Day Letter/Notes

I wanted you to have a copy of this first news I sent home as a reference if needed.News You can Use 2018

Please send in a change of clothes for your child’s locker as soon as possible.  Other supplies I am hoping to have ready to use on Tuesday are the white 1 inch binder with front clear pocket, the spiral notebook we will use for Science, and a picture of your family in a frame.   Thank  you to all of you who sent them in.  Our class really appreciates it!  If you ordered a kit in June, I have received them all.  The only item the kit did not include was a spiral notebook.  If you could send that I would appreciate it. Remember, after next week the weekly news will only come on the blog by Monday at 5.   Thank you!


Please make sure to schedule an assessment with me for this week Wednesday or Thursday.  All children must have one.  It is not the same as the Kindergarten screening that some children did in the spring.  I am using the data to drive my instruction.  I have spot open on Wednesday at 1:15, 1:30, 1:45 and Thursday at 1:15. 1:45, 2, 2:15.  PLEASE respond here to sign up if you did not do do this morning.  Thank you!

Mrs. Stetz

Supply List

Room 110’s Kindergarten Supply List

Listed below are the following supplies I would like to have in the classroom to help us this year. All the basic supplies your child will need for learning will be provided for them, such as pencils, crayons, glue, erasers, storage for materials, paper, paint, etc. What I am asking is for some other supplies that will help our day run smoother. Please have your child bring these in and put them in their locker. I will check at the end of each week for new supplies. If there are other class supplies needed for projects throughout the year, I will ask in our weekly newsletter. Thank you!!!

*A complete change of clothes; please replenish or update for the season as necessary

* A photo of your family in a frame

2 boxes of Kleenex

1 box gallon size zip top bags (last name a-b) or

1 box quart size zip top bags (last name c-m) or

1 box sandwich size zip top bags (last name n-z)

10 Glue sticks

4 Black fine point dry erase markers

1 pack pencils-sharpened at home

1 box 24 crayons

1 6×9 steno pad notebook- for spelling

1 spiral notebook- for Science

1 1in white binder with a clear front pocket on cover

Other materials you may have around the house to donate:

stick back Velcro

envelopes-any size

extra snacks- large box/bags of pretzels, goldfish, etc

washable markers both regular and thin

Prizes for the prize box (small items from the dollar store, Party City, or any small items you may want to get rid of in your home.)

Please do not send in additional binders/folders. The children will be provided with one to start the year. The children will not be using pencil boxes, all our materials are to share in the middle of the table. Save any extra folders you may have purchased as our homework folders may not last the whole year.

Welcome to Kindergarten!

I would like to welcome every family to Lindbergh School for the 2018-2019 School Year! I know we will have a wonderful year in Kindergarten this year. I will be using this site to post our weekly class news including homework, pictures, upcoming projects, directions, and any last minute information. I will also keep you updated on school news and information as well as share links that you may use to help your child order books, develop skills and have fun! This blog will become my primary source of information within the next two weeks, as I will not be sending paper copies of our class news home after that. Please subscribe to this blog from this site by adding your email address. You will receive an email with a link when I post new information. Thank you now for all your support with your children. Let’s have an amazing Kindergarten school year!

Please select the tabs at the top to find out more information about our school, what we need pictures, links and more!

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