Spelling Words 5/21/18 – 5/25/18

Week 29: Abbreviations

** You must know how to spell the word and write the correct abbreviation to go with it**


  1. Junior (Jr.)
  2. Department (Dept.)
  3. Highway (Hwy.)
  4. Doctor (Dr.)
  5. Mister (Mr.)
  6. Missus (Mrs.)
  7. Appointment (Apt.)
  8. Parkway (Pkwy.)
  9. Senior (Sr.)
  10. Example (Ex.)
  11. Avenue (Ave.)
  12. Representative (Rep.)
  13. Pounds (Lbs.)
  14. Ounces (Oz.)
  15. Street (St.)
  16. General (Gen.)

Student Survey

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Spelling 5/14/18 – 5/18/14

Week 28: Number words

Explanation: Students should use prefixes of words to decipher word meanings.

Word Bank: 

  1. quadrilateral,
  2. unicycle, 
  3. quadruple,
  4. uniform, 
  5. heptagon,
  6. biweekly,
  7. bilateral, 
  8. centimeter,
  9. millimeter,
  10. kilometer

Spelling Words 5/7 – 5/11

Week 27: Altered sound- tial and -cial

Explanation: Spell with “cial” after a vowel as in “social” and with “tial” after a consonant as in



Word Bank: (Choose 5 hot words and 5 cold words)

  1. essential, 
  2. influential,
  3. residential, 
  4. confidential, 
  5. judicial,
  6. facial, 
  7. potential, 
  8. sequential, 
  9.  substantial,
  10. beneficial, 


Spelling Words 4/30/18 – 5/4/18

Week 26: Irregular Plurals

Explanation: An irregular plural noun is an irregular noun in the plural form.  An irregular noun is a noun that becomes plural by changing it’s spelling in other ways than adding an “s” or “es” to the end of the word. This change can happen in a variety of ways.  Some irregular nouns take on the plural form by first changing the last letter of the word before adding “s.” Words that end in “f” are a good example of this case. To make such a word plural, you change the “f” to “ve” and add an “s.”  Some irregular plural nouns have the same spelling as their singular form such as scissors, pants, bison, deer, and sheep.And then some animal nouns become plural by keeping the same spelling as the singular form or by adding an s or es.


  1. Analyses
  2. Phenomena
  3. Nuclei
  4. Appendices
  5. Cacti
  6. Syllabi
  7. Criteria
  8. Wolves
  9. Loaves
  10. Shelves
  11. Matrices
  12. Vertices

4-9-18 Homework/ Important Reminders


  1. Read 20 – 30 minutes (fill out April reading calendar)
  2. March Reading Calendar due TOMORROW
  3. Math Exponent Worksheet


Important Reminders:

  1. If you did NOT turn in your M-step assignment (parents) please return them to me by TUESDAY.
  2. Tomorrow M-Step testing starts