Week of February 13

What You Need to Know:

Tomorrow is our Valentine celebration.  Please be sure to send in any items that you signed up for on the Sign Up Genius.  Your child is welcome to bring in Valentine cards for their classmates.  I just ask that you do not fill out the “To” section just fill out “From”.  This makes for easier and quicker exchange.

Late start this Wednesday.  Arrival time is 9:30 a.m.

Mid-Winter Break is next week Monday, February 20-24.  Classes resume Monday, February 27.

Tuesday, February 28 is our 100th Day of School Celebration.  100 Day t-shirts are due on that day for our fashion show.  I will be posting a Sign Up Genius this week.  I will be needing parent helpers who are able to prep items at home for this celebration.  All items will be due on Monday, February 27.  If you are able and willing to help out please be sure to sign up on the Sign Up Genius.  I will have items to be prepped ready to send home on Friday.    This will be the last of the big celebrations until Spring and the end of the year.  The children and I truly appreciate your help and generosity in making these celebrations successful.

Thursday afternoon I will be attending a district in-service.  Mrs. Laurie Chavis will be subbing for me.

What We are Learning:

Daily 5

main topic, letter of the week Y, -et word family, blending sounds


shapes, comparing shapes, making a shape monster, graphing

Social Studies



Informational Writing/polar bears

Have a great week!





Week of February 6

Dear Families,

What You Need to Know This Week:

Jump Rope for Heart donations are due tomorrow, Wednesday, February 8.

I will be attending a meeting tomorrow morning at another school.  I will be back after lunch.  Mrs. Patty Rogers will be subbing for me.

It is that time of year when your child’s supplies are in need of replacements.  If you can please send in the following supplies for your child: a box of crayons, a box of thin Crayola markers (primary colors), a box of broad line (standard size) Crayola markers (primary colors), and 6-8 glue sticks.

Please be sure to sign and return the report card envelope.  Please be sure to sign the goal sheet I sent home and return the page with your signature.  Keep the first page as it has the items checked that your child needs to work on for next card marking.

Please be sure to sign up for our Valentine party supply list on the Sign Up Genius.  All non-food items are due Friday, so there is time to prep for our craft activities.

Your child is welcome to bring in Valentine cards for the class.  I do not send home a list of names.  I ask for each child to only sign the cards with their names on the “from” section.  Please leave “to” blank.  This makes passing out of the cards much quicker.

Letter X pictures are due tomorrow for our circle map.

We have a class set of Chromebooks to share between both Kindergarten classes.  Unfortunately we do not have enough headphones.  We are asking for each child to bring in their own set of headphones to keep at school.  Please be sure to write your child’s name on the headphones and place in a Ziploc bag.

What We are Learning:

Daily 5/Literacy

We are working on our 3rd marking period goals.  I am meeting with each child individually to choose 3 goals.  They are choosing a reading goal, a math goal, and a personal goal.  We will resume back to leveled readers once I have met with every child.  I will be sending books home, but I am asking  parents to help your child with the new books by starting with a picture walk, and reading the book to your child first.  Then have your child try reading the book to you.  Thank you for your help.

Spelling words this week:

look, in, it, ban, fan, pan

Letter X

blending 3 letter words

rhyming words

main idea of a story


flat shapes and 3D shapes

various ways to make 10


informational writing

Social Studies:

My Neighborhood

Upcoming Dates to Remember:

100th day celebration will be Tuesday, Feb. 28  100 Day t-shirts are due Tuesday, Feb. 28.

Valentine’s Day Party is Tuesday, Feb. 14

Thank you:

Thank you to Brooklyn’s Mom and Grandma for coming in to make the pancakes for our pancake breakfast.  Great food and fun!!

Have a great week!



Report cards

Dear Families,

Your child’s report card is coming home today.  I have enclosed a list of goals that will be assessed for the next report card.  I placed check marks next to the items that your child will need to work on.  Please sign the second page and return to me so I know you received the goals.  The report card is for you to keep.  Please sign the goldenrod envelope and return the envelope to school on Monday.

Also there is a note about a 100th day of school project.  The project is due on February 28th.

Have a great weekend!


Week of January 30

What You Need to Know:

I will be out this afternoon to attend a writing in-service.  Ms. Trish Ryan will be subbing for me.

Your child will bringing home the February homework calendar along with a writing journal tomorrow.  Along with the writing journal will be the information and directions on the assignments.  Please be sure to turn in the journal with the completed calendar at the end of the month.  The calendar and the journal need to be returned in the yellow homework folder.  Not all child have been returning the folders.  I have received the homework calendars but not the folders.  Please be sure to send in the yellow folder if you still have it at home tomorrow so I can place the new assignments in it.

We will be celebrating Valentine’s Day on Tuesday, February 14.  I will be posting a Sign Up Genius of items needed for this celebration.

Please be sure to send in boots, snow pants, gloves/mittens, hats, and warm coats on days like today.  The children cannot play in the snow without the proper gear.

Have a great week!


NWEA Testing and Pancake Reminder

We will be completing the reading portion of the NWEA test tomorrow.  Please be sure that your child gets a good night’s rest and has a hearty and healthy breakfast.  If you have a pair of headphones that you would like your child to use from home you may send them in with your child tomorrow.  Otherwise they will use the school’s headphone sets.

Friday is our pajama day.  Your child may wear PJ’s to school.  All items from the Sign Up Genius for the pancake breakfast are due tomorrow.

Have a great day!


Week of January 23

Dear Families,

I will continue to assess the children this week.  I will be sending home book bags and I will try my best to place a few new books.  The new books will not be reviewed together in class due to all the assessments.  Please do a picture walk together with your child prior to reading the books.  Then read the book to your child and lastly have them read to you.  If I am not able to place new books in your child’s book bag, please continue to read the books that are in the bags.

We will wait to work on the letter W this week.  We will work on it next week.

The children will be taking the NWEA math and reading tests this week.  Please be sure your child gets a good night sleep and eats a nutritious breakfast.  I will let you know the exact dates.

We will have a pajama day on Friday, January 27.  Your child is welcome to wear pajamas to school.  The children can bring slippers too!  We will also be having a pancake breakfast.  This reward is to celebrate our PBIS best behavior for December.

There is a half day of school on Friday too!  Dismissal is at 11:45 a.m.  Teachers have an afternoon duty day to work on report card grades.  Report cards will be coming home sometime next week.  We will be entering our 3rd card marking period.

Have a great week!


Week of January 16-20

Dear Families,

Happy New Year to all!  Last week was such a hectic week for me having to be at an in-service 3 days.  I hope you had a great holiday break.

This month is a busy month for it is the end of the second card marking.  I will be doing many assessments during this time for report cards.  If your child is struggling in any area I will be sending home extra practice items for them to work on at home at the end of the month.  Please be sure to return your child’s reading bag so that I may put new books to practice their reading at home.  During assessment time there will not be many new books coming home.  Please continue reading the books in the bag.

Spelling will begin 3rd card marking.  Information will be sent home about Kindergarten spelling soon.  There will be weekly tests.

What you need to know this week:

Letter V – please send in pictures for our letter V circle map on Wednesday.

Daily 5/Reading Instruction: introduction to new rainbow word games, letter V activities, syllable counting

Writing: opinion writing/favorite food

Math: flat shapes and 3D shapes, counting from a number other than 1, meet the calculator, weaving a pattern

Social Studies: Who Am I?/my family/my neighborhood

Thank You:

Thank you Mrs. Worley for planning an awesome holiday party.  The kids had a great time!  Thank you to all parent and grandparent helpers who helped volunteer at the party.  Thank you to all families for providing all the needed supplies and food for the party.  The children and I appreciate everybody’s effort in making the party so successful!

The children and I thank all families for being so generous with our wants and needs projects.  With your help and generosity we now have many useful items for our classroom.

Thank you to all families for the thinking of me during the holidays with such thoughtful gifts.  Your kindness and generosity was greatly appreciated.


January book orders are due this Friday.

If your child has not completed his/her timeline, please send it in this week.  The timeline is a graded assignment.

We are at that point in the year when the children need to bring in more glue sticks.  Please send in 6-8 sticks with your child by next Monday.  We use glue on a daily basis.  Thank you for your help in this matter.

Have a great week!