Mar 13

Friday, March 13th update

I’m guessing you’re all aware that the Governor ordered all Michigan K-12 schools closed for 3 weeks (until April 6th), but we have spring break that week, so you don’t have school until April 13th. This is all an absolutely new situation for every educator, so we don’t have plans how exactly this will work, but we’re rolling with it and need you to stay with us. The email we got (and probably you) said there’s no official half day today but you can come in to get things since you won’t be back at school for 4 weeks.

In terms of your “schooling”, as of this moment I don’t know what that will look like. I’m guessing we will still do things electronically and you’ll be accountable in some way. I don’t know what this means for after April 13th or the end of the school year. This kind of situation is so rare that we certainly don’t have everything planned out, but we’ll be figuring as much as we can today for the near future. As you know, 99% of my/our resources are electronic anyway, so we can still go through topics and I can “feed” those to you. I’m not sure what it will look like for quizzes/tests or the necessary interpersonal communication component. As I sit here and think, maybe that component will be scheduled times in Google Hangout where we can communicate about material. I’m not at all sure, but will inform you as I figure out more. This will also require you to be in regular contact with your district email and Google Classroom (along with iLearn and my blog).

Please be safe. Try to limit your contact/exposure to people and places. Wash your hands often and think before you touch. This should be treated as a very serious situation (because it is).