Welcome to class with Mr. Singley

Here you’ll find a daily summary.  All my resources are now on iLearn.

For the daily participation grade – I give a 10 point assignment every day.  I want to focus on the use of time and the processes practiced.  I know that each student may need more or less time, or more or less practice.  I don’t always give deadlines for practice assignments because I don’t want students to feel like they need something filled out by a certain time (although sometimes there are deadlines that must be followed).  I want them spend the amount of time necessary to understand the process.  So yes there should be time spent at home reviewing resources, but there also needs to be a good use of class time.  Showing up on time, prepared, and on task are some positive parts to that grade.  Being late, unprepared, uninvolved, or distracting are some negative parts to that grade.  Also, if a student is excused, school related, or suspended, the score is dropped.  If a student is just absent, the score is kept.  It is a daily record of their activity, and immediate feedback for positive and negative effort.  There is a file with a more detailed explanation in the “Resources” tab.