Apr 29

Chapter 13 Test Will be May 1, 2019

As I told you last week your chapter 13 test is this Wednesday 5/1/19. 

Please study hard, and remember everything is due on 5/1/19.

Your notebook and vocabulary should be completed. 

Everything from the class should be in chronological order when placed inside your notebook.

Good Luck and remember,

Do Your Best So You Can Be The Best!

Mar 20

Chapter 11 test 3/27/19

The chapter 11 assessment will be on Wednesday 3/27/19. You must arrange any makeup tests before 3/25/19. Your notebook and vocabulary books will be due the day of the test. 

Everything will be due on 3/27/19. Extra credit will be given to students that turn in their completed vocabulary book early. 

Mar 04

Chapter 10 Final assessment 3/7/19

With all the snow days and breaks we have taken a long time to get through this chapter but the final will be Thursday 3/7/19. Study all the worksheets and all the vocabulary and you should do fine. Don’t forget Quiz-let and all the videos that can help you.  Make sure you put everything in your notebooks I will check those when I get back.


Dec 30

Happy New Year!

The year is almost over and a new one is about to begin. I wish you all a wonderful 2019.  Please remember you can go on my I-learn to see the text book to help you read and answer your vocabulary sheet over the break.

Happy New Year