Mar 29

Online Lessons Week Ending 4/3/20

Please complete the following assignments for this week

Monday 3/30/20 Interactive Video chapter 14

Tuesday 3/31/20 Cloze Sentences 14-3

Wednesday 4/1/20 Cloze Sentences 14-4

Thursday 4/2/20 TBD

Friday 4/3/20 TBD

I will open each assignment by 9:00 am that day. Please remember to use Google chrome or Fire Fox.

I will also be setting up a Chat room this week for all of us to ask and answer questions.

Remember Once an Apple Kid Always an Apple Kid! Stay Safe!

Mar 27

Happy Friday

Keep up the good work! If you are having a problem submitting your work try a different browser like google chrome or Fire Fox. Again this is all information you need to have for 8th grade. Please let others know that They are expexted to do online work.

I will be holding a online meeting next week. details will be sent to you this weekend.

Have a good weekend and be safe!

Mar 25

3/25/20 looking good!

Most of you have been doing awesome with these online assignments. We had a vew problems but over all not that many. You may want to take a picture of your work before you hit submit.

Please call as many of your classmates as you can to get them busy on this. When we go back to class this will be important information for you all to know.

I am very proud of how hard you are working.

Remember: Once an Apple Kid Always an Apple Kid!

Mar 24

Next assignment 14-4

14-4 is now open. Please keep up with these lesson and let your classmates know they need to be active with these. Many of you are not re-reading your work before you send it. Please check your grammar, spelling and just make sure it sounds right.

I am trying to make up a video connect page so we can talk about things. also, your next assignment will be writing and peer editing so you can check each others work.

Mar 23

Pace yourselves!

I know this is new to all of us but please remember to read each lesson and watch the videos. Then answer all the questions. Many of you need to put it in your own words and add details. You should be working on this a little each day. Remember you can go online and watch movies related to each topic and if you find a good video or game related to a topic please send me the link to pass it on.

Thanks keep up the good work and be safe!

Mar 22

This weeks Online Learning

You will be doing 14-3 which is due Wednesday 3/25/20 and 14-4 which is due Friday 3/27/20. If you need an extra day you may turn this in on Saturday 3/28/20. most of you are doing a great job with this but please don’t share your answers. You need to read this and do your best. I will be adding Cloze sentences and video quizes also, so keep a look out for them.

Mar 21

3/21/20 Please re-submit lesson #2

Well so far your assignments are going good. If you submitted lesson 14-2 on Wednesday or early Thursday please re-submit it. The district was working on the system and not all the assignments came over.

Remember you are doing all your work on my I-Learn. All work will be labeled “On line assignment” It is really not much different than what we did in class except you are not writing in your notebooks. Some of the Videos will be longer with more information

Please remember that each lesson will have a Question and answer page. You can copy the questions and put your answers in the “Box” at the bottom of the page. Then hit submit.

Keep up the good work!

Mar 18

Assignment #2 Online 14-2

You can access assignment #2 called Online 14-2 this will be Due Friday, 3/20/20 Please keep up with these assignments.

I just wanted to remind you that you can go on Youtube and watch videos related to almost all my lessons. I will be posting video quizes, cloze sentences and other activities soon. Please let other students know that we are doing this to continue your education this year and that it is important for everyone to do this work.

Parents, please make sure your children have a schedule to do their homework. Please check that your child completed their work for all their classes. These assignments are graded and count towards their school grade. If your child does not have access to a computer daily please let the school and myself know, we are trying to send out packages.

Please have you and your child sign up for my I-blog from the school home page this is the best way for us to communicate at this time.

Thank you all for your cooperation.


Mr. Apple

Mar 16

Assignment #1 Due 3/18

Students Please Go to my I-Learn page and begin chapter 14 section one.(online 14-1)

The directions are on each page you will not be summarizing but you should read each section carefully and answer any questions for that page.

At the end of the section you will have to answer vocabulary terms and questions. This is what I will be grading you on. You must copy the terms and questions and submit it on I-learn.

There will be an assessment following each chapter.