Mar 20

Chapter 11 test 3/27/19

The chapter 11 assessment will be on Wednesday 3/27/19. You must arrange any makeup tests before 3/25/19. Your notebook and vocabulary books will be due the day of the test. 

Everything will be due on 3/27/19. Extra credit will be given to students that turn in their completed vocabulary book early. 

Mar 04

Chapter 10 Final assessment 3/7/19

With all the snow days and breaks we have taken a long time to get through this chapter but the final will be Thursday 3/7/19. Study all the worksheets and all the vocabulary and you should do fine. Don’t forget Quiz-let and all the videos that can help you.  Make sure you put everything in your notebooks I will check those when I get back.


Dec 30

Happy New Year!

The year is almost over and a new one is about to begin. I wish you all a wonderful 2019.  Please remember you can go on my I-learn to see the text book to help you read and answer your vocabulary sheet over the break.

Happy New Year

Nov 07

Chapter 6

We will be finishing sections 6-1, 6-2 this Friday. We will have a review and then a quiz on these two sections Tuesday 11/13/18. Please start reviewing your key terms (vocabulary) so we can do some vocabulary activities before your quiz.

Remember that Parent Teacher Confrences are next week.