Weekly Update Sept. 5-8

Good afternoon,

I hope everyone enjoyed the long holiday weekend. At the beginning of every week I will post important info for the week. Here is what is happening this week:

  • Thanks again for all the school supplies, paperwork, and family pictures. Keep them coming if you haven’t turned them in yet 🙂
  • Going home today is a district field trip form (purple) and a field trip permission slip. Both of these must be completed and returned. The permission slip is due with money, $12 per person by September 20th. Please read the permission slip carefully. More detailed info about the trip will be sent home later this month.
  • Many of you will also be getting an iChat form to fill out out. This is a required background check needed for all parents/chaperones attending field trips. The form must be completed front and back and returned with a copy of your driver’s license. This takes a couple weeks to process so these are due Monday, September 11th.
  • Remember to bring water bottles and a healthy snack everyday.
  • Today we started our math curriculum: Eureka Math2 (squared). It is similar to Eureka Math, the program we have been using for several years. One of the components is the Apply math homework book. Apply gives students more practice with the concepts learned in class. There are three components in Apply that support students in deepening their understanding of the concepts covered in the daily lesson: Family Math, Practice, and Practice Partners. Each lesson in the Apply book corresponds to the same lesson we completed in class. This week in math we will be completing lessons 1-4. The Apply homework books are being sent home today. These books are to be kept in a safe place at home and used in conjunction with the lessons we complete in class. I do not expect students to complete every lesson in the Apply book. The goal would be to complete at least a few lessons in it each week as review and practice of what we learn in class. I hope that makes sense. Let me know if you have any questions.

That’s it for now. Enjoy your week!

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