Please read!!

  • The color run is today at 3:15. After the run students will get a popsicle. All students will be dismissed on the playground and must give me a fist bump before they leave. Students are not allowed back in the building after.
  • Thursday is our field trip!

*Bring colored schedule paper! (Will be given out tomorrow, Wednesday 5/24)

*Meet on playground at 9:05 am

*Bring a disposable lunch (no place close to buy from)
*YOU are your child’s chaperone.

*They are VERY STRICT with rules (Mrs. Angela saw someone get kicked out a few weeks ago). Please make sure to be following your child around and following their rules.

Information will be sent home with your child tomorrow!

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  1. Hello

    My sis live about 10 min away from MAC. What’s the best time for her and the girls to meet u there?

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