Hello Students! Make sure you read the story Mrs. Alqadhi gave you. Also, for Spelling, please translate words, read them and their sentences, and their write a sentence for each spelling word.  Your spelling work should always be in your Spelling/Word Work notebook. Have a nice weekend. 🙂 Ms. Mohamed  
Study and learn five elements of PLOT and what each word means. Exposition, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action, and Resolution.  Go to Razkids and read at least 20 minutes.      
Use your spelling words to make spelling pyramids. 🙂
Today we took two tests. We will complete the second test on Monday. Students got Spelling List #3 today.  Homework is to translate the words to Arabic and to write each word in a sentence. Spelling List 3 October 9 Students should also read EVERDAY! Ms. Mohamed 🙂
Hello, Your homework is as follows: Whatever Mrs. Alqadhi gave you to read. Cornell Notes ( I added it to this blog). Spelling: Write a sentence for each word.   Spelling List 2 October 2 Cornell Notes Coming to USA Stations
Hello, Here is your first spelling list.  Tonight’s homework is to write each spelling word 5 times. Ms. Mohamed Spelling List 1 September 25  
Hello everyone, The power point for summer learning is in Google Classroom. That being said, have a wonderful fun-filled summer!!! Ms. Mohamed 🙂
Tomorrow I will be collecting your ISNs. You should have all work in there. I  will be grading them over break. Tuck Everlasting Vocabulary Chapters 6-10
Read chapters 5-7 and answer the following questions:   Tuck Everlasting Comprehension Questions Chapters 5-7
Test Monday on Tuck Everlasting:   Prologue through Chapter 5 for Block C &  Prologue through Chapter 4 for Block D.  Complete the following Reading Response Questions: Tuck Everlasting Reader Respons page 1 Tuck Everlasting Reader Response page 2 Also, if you did not complete the vocabulary activity, it is here: Tuck Everlasting Vocabulary Chapters 1-5 …
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