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Who am I? A question I have never been able to answer. I can tell you my qualities, heritage, history, beliefs, fears, joys and concerns. Does that tell you who I am? You might get an idea, an abstract, at best. Depending when you talk to me, I can be as simple as anything, or more complicated than Quantum Inorganic Chemistry if there is such a field. In describing myself I empathize with the ELL student sitting in my class. Do I really know him? In my few years of existence, I have traveled the world as a student. I am an English language learner. A proprietor of education in four continents. I've seen many approaches to pedagogy through my travels from England to the United States, from Lebanon to Africa. None ever did a second language learner any justice. One of the final stops in my travels was a big old country town of Okeechobee Florida. Needless to say Southern Florida’s ESL program was not catered, nor very accommodating to and for Arabic speaking students. A year after arriving, in the sixth grade, I was evaluated by the school guidance counselor to see if I needed any special need for my low performance in English and spelling. I didn’t understand their idioms, or expressions. Nor did I comprehend why they were spelling color without a “u”. My sixth grade teacher began to read to us every day. Starting with My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George and finishing off with Tom Sawyer, and Huck Finn.
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