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Spirit Week and BINGO

Dear Parents, The last week of March, we will be wrapping up March is Reading Month.  To celebrate, we will be having a spirit week. These are the topics for each day:

Monday 25th – Hat Day – Your child may wear any kind of hat they choose.***Also, Cotter Early Childhood Center is having BINGO for books at 4:45pm.  It is fun, free, and for the whole family!  

Tuesday 26th – Wear Your Words – Your child may wear clothing with words.  Please talk about it with them before they come to school so they can share what the words say.

Wednesday 27th – Wacky Wednesday – Your child may wear their clothes, shoes, and hair in their wackiest way.  Be creative!

Thursday 28th – Pajama Day – Your child may wear their pajamas (they must wear pants and no slippers).  Also, bring in 2 objects that rhyme (example: rock, block or cat, hat).

Please let us know if you have any questions!

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