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Measuring Mania

We have been working with the children on measuring because they have been very interested in the measuring tapes at the Woodworking Area. This day the children were asked to measure their shoe but with a different object.  They used the colored cubes and unifix cubes.  They learned they have to start from one end of the shoe and go to the other end.  Once they lined up their cubes, they counted using 1:1 correspondence to see how many cubes long their shoe was.  Then, they compared their number with the other children at the table.  We talked about which was the shortest, longest, or the same.  They were then asked to choose another object in the classroom that they wanted to measure.

Something happened while we were in the middle of our small group time, we had a disaster drill!  The children looked at us and their shoe on the table and were very confused about what to do.  While we did have a laugh because that was purely coincidence, we were able to talk with the children about the importance of making sure we were safe first and our shoes aren’t as important as we are.


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