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Problem Solving Scientists

We had a problem, they had a solution.  The letters got frozen in the ice cube trays and the children had to think of a way to get them out: some pounded it in the tray, some held it in their hands, and others used warm water.  They each explained why their solution worked.

Another group came up with different solutions: some rubbed the ice cube across their trays, some licked their ice cube, and one child decided they needed to use a tool in our Woodworking Area.

Once they got their letter out of the ice cube, they wanted to make the rest of their cube melt.  They said their trays needed to be out in the sun and we would have to wait…

While we waited, the children were challenged to find something in the classroom the began with the sound of their letter.

We checked on our ice cubes that sat in the sun, but they only melted a little.  One child said it was because it was still cold outside.


They decided to put them on the heater while we went to Outside Time.  Ask your child what happened to the ice cubes. 🙂

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