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The children have learned that we create letters and numbers with big lines, small lines, big curves, and small curves.  We use the curriculum called Handwriting without Tears.  It focuses on using simple terms to encourage proper letter formation.  As you have noticed, we do not use worksheets to teach the children.  Children learn best through hands on manipulation.  We use a variety of tools to engage the children and allow them to have positive experiences during their exploration of learning how to make letters and numbers.  For this activity, the children were given several lines and curves to make letters or numbers of their choice.  After working on this for quite some time, they were then able to create anything they wanted.  They all have very active imaginations!  Please show these pictures to your child and ask them to describe what they were doing:)

While we do use pencil to paper and dry erase boards, we focus on the process; allowing them to become more and more confident and successful with proper formations.  Take a look at their work…all on their own!



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