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A lot of sick friends

This week, we have already had several children and Mrs. Hamka, out sick:(  An illness is going around so please keep an eye out for any symptoms your child may be having: fever, cough, congestion, vomiting, diarrhea, tiredness, loss of appetite or if they just aren’t acting themselves.  Also, please keep them home until they …Continue reading

Dot, Dot, Dot

Were you wondering what your child brought home last week, the paper with all of the colorful dots?!  Hopefully, they explained to you what it was but if not, I can help:)  The children will given a die, paper, and bingo marker.  They had to roll their die, count the dots, and make that many …Continue reading

Sick Policy

I just want to say thank you so much parents for keeping your children home when they are sick.  Especially, during these winter months, when the illnesses are increased.  Please remember, if your child has a fever, please do not send them back to school until they have been fever free for AT LEAST 24 …Continue reading

Yoga Time

We were working on calming techniques using yoga.  We tried out several poses: tree, warrior, downward dog, bow, and cat.  Yoga is great for focus, self control, core strengthening, breathing, body awareness, and so many more benefits.  The children were really concentrating on doing the moves correctly and reminding one another to work quietly.  Try …Continue reading

Bubbles, Bubbles Everywhere

We experimented with some water, soap, food coloring, and wands.  The children figured out that if they blew into the wand, bubbles would form.  The slower they blew, the bigger the bubbles.  The faster they blew, the quicker they popped.  Some children were able to make large bubbles, double bubbles, and many tiny bubbles.  There …Continue reading

What do you do when it’s too cold to go outside?

Make an instrumental band, of course!!  With the freezing temps, we were not able to go outside today, so we brought out the instruments and the children decided we needed to make a band.  We had maracas, triangles, tambourines, tone blocks, rhythm sticks, bells, and even a guitar.  We made our own music and then …Continue reading

Don’t Forget

to bring your child’s snow clothes to school tomorrow!  Please be sure they have their hat, gloves, coats, snow pants, AND snow boots.  We will be going outside:)  This will be the first time we will be out with all of this lovely snow and we want them to be dressed warmly.  See you all …Continue reading

Read to Someone

is another component to our Daily 5 literacy curriculum.  The children were introduced to Read to Someone and the expectations: Choose a partner, Sit: Elbow to Elbow, Knee to Knee – EEKK! (They love saying that;), Eyes on the Book, and Read the Whole Time.  This strategy is a great way to engage children in …Continue reading


Tomorrow, Thursday, December 14th, there will be NO school due to the weather.  Enjoy this day by playing outside in the SNOW!!!!  Build a snowman, snow fort, throw snowballs, make snow angels, footprints, or towers.  This is a perfect time to breathe in fresh air and enjoy the beauty of nature! Here is a little …Continue reading

Patterning with Beads

Wondering what your child brought home from school today?!  Well, hopefully they filled you in but if they didn’t, let me tell you:)  We were practicing our patterning skills.  Since the first day of school, the children have been working with patterns.  We look for the pattern on our calendar, we discuss the patterns we make …Continue reading

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