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Spirit Week and BINGO

Dear Parents, The last week of March, we will be wrapping up March is Reading Month.  To celebrate, we will be having a spirit week. These are the topics for each day: Monday 25th – Hat Day – Your child may wear any kind of hat they choose.***Also, Cotter Early Childhood Center is having BINGO for …Continue reading

DNR Field Trip

We all had such a great time! I will let the pictures do the talking:) One of the best parts about field trips is that parents/family members get to spend a day with us and see how much fun we have in preK! Thank you for sharing your time with our school family:)

Library Visit

Thank you all for coming to the library field trip.  The children had a wonderful time listening to stories while the parents went on the tour.  They were excited to share their favorite book details and draw a picture, when they reunited with their parent.  We hope you continue to visit the library whenever you …Continue reading

Measuring Mania

We have been working with the children on measuring because they have been very interested in the measuring tapes at the Woodworking Area. This day the children were asked to measure their shoe but with a different object.  They used the colored cubes and unifix cubes.  They learned they have to start from one end …Continue reading

Playing with Patterns

You may wonder “What is my child learning while they play?”  The answer is “A TON!”  As the children were working with the pattern blocks, they were naming the shapes and commenting how they can put some of the shapes together to make a new shape.  They traded with one another if they needed a …Continue reading

Problem Solving Scientists

We had a problem, they had a solution.  The letters got frozen in the ice cube trays and the children had to think of a way to get them out: some pounded it in the tray, some held it in their hands, and others used warm water.  They each explained why their solution worked. Another …Continue reading

Color Exploration

With the little snow we have been able to enjoy, we decided to bring it inside the classroom.  The children were in disbelief! 😉 They were given droppers and colored liquid to explore. Our little scientists were at it again with a different type of color exploration.  They poured milk into their tray, we added …Continue reading

Friendship Fun

For friendship day: the children cut out their heart, chose a partner, and marble painted.  They had to figure out how to get the marbles to move (up, down, side to side, forward, backward, all around) What a great way to encourage team work and build their oral language skills.  Check out the end result!  …Continue reading

Parent Meeting: Fantastic Fine Motor

I just want to start out by saying thank you all so much for coming to the parent meeting today!  The children are beyond excited to have you in their school home…and so are we 🙂 And we hope you found a special spot for your new pet 😉 Strengthening your child’s fine motor muscles …Continue reading

Design Builders

The children have learned that we create letters and numbers with big lines, small lines, big curves, and small curves.  We use the curriculum called Handwriting without Tears.  It focuses on using simple terms to encourage proper letter formation.  As you have noticed, we do not use worksheets to teach the children.  Children learn best …Continue reading

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