Tues April 18th

I will not be here tomorrow. You are to use the hour to correct & go over your forb HW and work on your PP11 (last day in class) with your partner. The sub will have the answers so that you can check your work tomorrow. Remember to study for your partner quiz on Thursday. You will have the same partner that you have been working with on the programming project.

HW for Wed or Thurs (doesn’t matter which night really) – as seen on iLearn – Vocab & notes on notes – Lssn 12

Please email me if you have any questions at all!


Wed March 15th!

ICS -> Wed Plan – The sub will handout the second paper that should be added to the end of your packet (it is the rest of Lssn 7)

Lesson 7 ->

Vocab, Take notes on notes, Do PP71 (Project…Going in Circles?  in packet (Handout))

Also make sure that PP6 and PP6B are completed!!!

Quiz on lssn 6 this Friday!


Fri March 3rd!

***Remember you have a quiz on lessons 4&5 on Mon! In iLearn there are practice questions (Lessons4thru7QuizPractice) along with the solutions (but do not look at those until you are done!!!) The problem #’s you should do are:


***Other weekend HW (technically due Tues):

Lssn 6 vocab,

Lssn 6 notes on notes,

hw excercies 2.6 (on lLearn (iResults))

*Email me if you have any questions!

Thurs Feb 16th

Today you took Lesson3 qz. Scores will be in by the end of Fri. You were also supposed to get the Lssn4 vocab sheet and complete Lssn4 vocab.


  1. Spend about 15 min finishing PP3ZZ
  2. Make sure Lssn 4 voab is complete.
  3. Make sure that you have carefully read through Lssn 4 and have taken notes on it.
  4. Do the Lesson 4 exercises.in your packet.
  5. Do Project …Cheating on Your Arithmetic Assignment (in your packet).

***NOTE: In your packet, do not worry about increments BEFORE the statement is used. Only worry about increments AFTER the statement is used.


Have a Great Break!! Email me if you have any questions!

Mon Feb 13th!

Finished PP3 & add on to PP3 (in iLearn)

HW: Lssn 3 string mutation (when you are done writing output. Make corrections to your output after you are done by using the solution posted.

Tues (Happy Valentines Day!!!):

We will have time to finish PP3 extended, check in HW, start PP3Z.

Mon Feb 6th!

Don’t forget your HW: Lssn 1-2 quiz practice! Check you answers (only when you are done) and do corrections. We can go over any questions tomorrow. I will start checking PP2 for those that are done and the rest on Wed.

Make Sure your notes are in tip top shape!

Quiz Wed!