Alg 2A!!!!

M- Do not forget to do your homework on the study guide (12-24)

T- Study for Ch 6 polynomial test……tutoring after school

W- Ch 6 Polynomial test

home work – writing prompt -due thursday!

Th- Review for final exam

In class retakes for the Chapter 5 part 2 test (must have study guide completed!)

on Mi Star it is out of 16 pts and under Chpt 5 test part 2

F-Final exam review!

Important Reminders:

Alg 2A – remember to study for your quiz tomorrow and do your homework problem (except 1st hr). 1st hr can look at this weeks schedule in the previous post and look at the notes from today (look at the “click here”). for more practice problems.

Alg 2B – You have a pop quiz tomorrow on finding the exact cos and sin values for an angle.


Mar 11th – Mar 15th

Mar 11th – Mar 15th

Mon    – Alg 2A: Quadratic Exploration on the laptops

Alg 2B: Finish unit circle with 2 special right triangles

Tues – Alg 2A: Quadratic Exploration on the laptops

hmwrk: blue practice – combining like terms and multiplying polynomials

Alg 2B: converting degrees and radians on the unit circle

            also….finding exact sin and cos values for a goven angle

 Wed – Alg 2A: exploring quadrilaterals 2   and pract 5.1

Alg 2B: Find exact sign and cos values

Thurs – Alg 2A: check papers and start notes: Write the vertex and axis of symmetry given a quadratic equation ->click here

Alg 2B: Go over worksheets

Fri – Alg 2A:  Practice then quiz on quadratics (5.1 – 5.2 partial) and multiplying binomials (foil)

Alg 2B: practice , pop quiz on finding exact value of sin and cos.