Sat November 18th

Hello students…I will not be in class Monday because I have to go on a field trip of sorts. Mr. Kemien will be with you during the hour to make sure that you are on task with your assignment. So these are the things that I would like you to get accomplished Monday:

  1. Finish up your practice logo and favicon and make sure that they are saved into your buttons demo folder that we have been working on. (using the websites from the weekly announcements)
  2. Save a textured background into your the Buttons demo folder (for use in next Monday’s demo)
  3. Make a new logo for your restaurant website. Then use that logo to make a        16 X 16 favicon. Put both of these images into a new folder – CSS Project 2.
  4.  Read over CSS project 2  – start it IF you’re are done with #1. If you are not done with CSS #1….FINISH IT!!!! 🙂

May bring headphones to listen too, help each other out, no random socializing 🙂

See you Tuesday!

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