Thurs May 18th

Thurs – Finish Partner Sound Array Projects, when finished move on to to the processing videos in iLearn. (4 videos, do all example code in them and continuously run for better learning and understanding – due Mon)

Fri – Finish Videos.

Last 20 min of class, Mrs. Shawver will come in and pass out/explain Power Series materials and assignment. Videos & guide due Tues!

Weekend HW: catch up on ANYTHING that you may be behind with.

Mon – Go over final project, approvals and begin!!!

Tues – AP cal kids come in and do Power Series work with you (Final assignment due June 2nd (Day of Final)

Wed & Thurs – work days

Fri -Mon (26th – 29th) NO SCHOOL

Tues May 30th – Fri Jun 9th – Project Work Days

Friday – ICS final exam – hand written notes are allowed.

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