Sun May 7th

As I Reminded you, I will not be in class Monday (tomorrow). You are to work on Processing (prep for the game making). See this post & iLearn links for the pdf’s.

  • Download Processing to your computer (at home too if you want to work there as well).
  • In iLearn, there are 3 Processing links. These are pdf’s of the book. You will have 1 processing document for each (Processing1, Processing2 and Processing3)
  • I emailed you all the files┬áto get the skeleton (directions)
  • Type code in shaded regions, when done, comment it out and code & run the project for that section. You will also be taking notes (comments) in your coding documents.
  • You will be working Mon & Tues (I will catch up checking PP9 & maybe PP11 then). The students that were in class on Fri got a head start and they were told to help you all out with downloading and getting started.
  • You may not get to the 3rd one by the end of Monday and that is completely ok. You should get through some of the 2nd one.

Email me if you have any questions

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