Mon Nov 27th

Watch the following 2 videos and take a few notes.

The 1st video is about wrapper divs. After watching, put a wrapper in your buttons example that wraps up everything in the body of your site.

The 2nd video explains how to add your logo. Try adding your practice logo into your example site or go right ahead and complete it for CSS project 2.

For the remaining of the hour work on CSS proj 2. It is posted in the weekly announcements.

CSS proj 1 should be complete and ready for checking.

Please email me if you have any questions at all!

Sat November 18th

Hello students…I will not be in class Monday because I have to go on a field trip of sorts. Mr. Kemien will be with you during the hour to make sure that you are on task with your assignment. So these are the things that I would like you to get accomplished Monday:

  1. Finish up your practice logo and favicon and make sure that they are saved into your buttons demo folder that we have been working on. (using the websites from the weekly announcements)
  2. Save a textured background into your the Buttons demo folder (for use in next Monday’s demo)
  3. Make a new logo for your restaurant website. Then use that logo to make a        16 X 16 favicon. Put both of these images into a new folder – CSS Project 2.
  4.  Read over CSS project 2  – start it IF you’re are done with #1. If you are not done with CSS #1….FINISH IT!!!! 🙂

May bring headphones to listen too, help each other out, no random socializing 🙂

See you Tuesday!

Week of Oct 23rd!


We have completed out first two html projects and an html test.

This week we started CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) so that we may properly style our html elements. This prepares us for more advanced coding, layouts and styling.

We will complete a few CSS projects and then have a CSS test in about a month.

Please email me with any questions, comments or concerns.

Class directions for Wed Sep 20th:

Open the following Google doc Table Exercises. Make sure you read what it says to read and do what it says to do (following along and changing values, exercises and assignments). The parts are separated by lines and directions are highlighted in yellow.

Note: you will be working in the table we made yesterday (Tues) AND creating a new Planets table. Do the table matching (at end of doc) by yourself. You can help each other on the other stuff.

***Reminders: make sure you fix any errors from table we created yesterday (cells) and make sure you have submitted your mini assignment to the Google Classroom.

Email me with any questions


Hello freshman! I hope your new school year is off to a great start!! Freshman year is so fun and can also be challenging as you acclimate to your 1st year of high school. Remember to email me anytime with questions throughout this year. If you are ever worried or feeling behind, please let me know. I believe good communication is KEY to your success as a student and my success as a teacher!

It took us a bit to get everything all set up for our class and we are now getting into the flow. You all did well on your Google Sharing group Activity. Remember that you should be done with your mini assignments by tomorrow. If you still have any questions on that assignment, make sure to quickly ask tomorrow.

Give this blog address to your parents so that they can subscribe.

See yo tomorrow!

Thurs May 18th

Thurs – Finish Partner Sound Array Projects, when finished move on to to the processing videos in iLearn. (4 videos, do all example code in them and continuously run for better learning and understanding – due Mon)

Fri – Finish Videos.

Last 20 min of class, Mrs. Shawver will come in and pass out/explain Power Series materials and assignment. Videos & guide due Tues!

Weekend HW: catch up on ANYTHING that you may be behind with.

Mon – Go over final project, approvals and begin!!!

Tues – AP cal kids come in and do Power Series work with you (Final assignment due June 2nd (Day of Final)

Wed & Thurs – work days

Fri -Mon (26th – 29th) NO SCHOOL

Tues May 30th – Fri Jun 9th – Project Work Days

Friday – ICS final exam – hand written notes are allowed.

Sun May 7th

As I Reminded you, I will not be in class Monday (tomorrow). You are to work on Processing (prep for the game making). See this post & iLearn links for the pdf’s.

  • Download Processing to your computer (at home too if you want to work there as well).
  • In iLearn, there are 3 Processing links. These are pdf’s of the book. You will have 1 processing document for each (Processing1, Processing2 and Processing3)
  • I emailed you all the files to get the skeleton (directions)
  • Type code in shaded regions, when done, comment it out and code & run the project for that section. You will also be taking notes (comments) in your coding documents.
  • You will be working Mon & Tues (I will catch up checking PP9 & maybe PP11 then). The students that were in class on Fri got a head start and they were told to help you all out with downloading and getting started.
  • You may not get to the 3rd one by the end of Monday and that is completely ok. You should get through some of the 2nd one.

Email me if you have any questions