We are doing the calendar every day! The children will be able to sing the days of the week, months of the year , learn about the weather, and seasons. Also They will practice counting and identifying the numbers.

The letter of the week is “H” / What is the sound for the letter “H”

What words start with the letter “H”

Tracing the letter “H”

We wrote the letter “H” 🤩

The theme for this week is “Emotion & Feelin

Playdough Feeling





School will be closed tomorrow Tuesday, November 8th due to the State Election!

Thank you!

We learned the letter “G” this week!

“G” for Glitter Glue

Making Uppercase and Lowercase “G” with Playdough

Tracing the letter “G”

Letter “G” with dot / Letter “G” a hat

We wrote the letter “G” on the board / What words start with letter “G”