12/4 – Chapter 8 Test tomorrow!

Good Morning!

Side Notes:

-All grades for the Map of Africa quiz are on parent/student connect. Students did very well on the quiz, however, I have a few students who still need to take it, so I can not give them back just yet!

-If you are NOT going to be here, you will need to let me know. With it being this close to Winter Break, we have a project and a few quizzes coming up that will nee to be wrapped up before we leave for the year. Please make sure if you are NOT here to inform myself and your other teachers.

Today in class, we will begin the hour by placing some items in our notebook. We will then check our study guide and review for tomorrow’s test!

Homework: 1. If youre not going to be here LMK! 2. Study your study guide for tomorrow’s test! 3. Talk to the text over GOVT on Daily Life in AE Reading! 4, Moby Max – Due Friday December 13th! 5. Buy from the school store/Gluesticks – EC!

Have a good day!

Ms. Rancilio

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