12/3 Map of Africa Quiz!

Good Morning!

Today in class, we will begin the hour by taking our map test (this will be available later on Student/Parent connect) We will then finish up any information regarding Pharaohs and their accomplishments!

I have decided to move tomorrows test to Thursday, just so that we are not cramming in information. The test will be worth 35 points taken on I – Learn where it will consist of Matching of Vocabulary, Matching of The Pharaoh to the Accomplishment, Scaling Questions, Multiple choice and answers the essential question of “What did the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt Accomplish, and how did they do it?”

Homework: 1. Chapter 8 Cornell Notes Due Tomorrow! 2. Chapter 8 Study Guide – Checking tomorrow, Test Thursday 12/5! 3. Moby Max – Due Friday December 13th!

Have a great day!

Ms. Rancilio

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