Over Summer Break

Haigh Community,

Being a curriculum person I will continue through out the year to share with you items to work on at home. Below are a few things that will increase your student’s comprehension in both ELA(Reading) and Math.

ELA Activities: Have your students read short passages to you and do the following: have them make predictions(inferences) about what is next in the story or what the characters may be thinking, relate the passage to another reading or to something in their life, have them summarize or retell  to you what they just read, pick out new vocab words and have them read the surrounding sentences to establish the meaning of the new word, chunk the reading and have them pull out the main ideas as they read through the passage, and have your student generate questions about the reading as they move through it.

Math Activities: In the lower grades have them work on their basic addition and subtraction facts. For example being able to count up to 20, then starting to pair numbers that equal 20. Examples ( 15+5) (12+8) (8+12)  (7+13) etc.. Then do the same to get down to 10 with subtraction, (17-7) or (13-3). For the older grades knowing their basic math skills is critical. Having multiplication and division flash cards is huge. Each day they should be practicing their flash cards and getting those facts embedded into their brains will allow for great comprehension at these grade levels. For all grades having the students help with measurements when cooking, read instructions while putting together furniture, or simply building items then questioning them on the steps it took to build and the quantity of the parts involved will all help.

***The main thing that every student at Haigh should be doing each day is Reading. That daily practice will allow them to stay at their grade level expectation or in most cases greatly exceed that grade level if they are reading and using the ELA activities on a daily basis***

I will continue to share more information, especially when we get into the school year and we can focus in on the current learning targets for the different content areas,

Thank you for all your time in reading this!

Mr. Short


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