June 9

Summer Reading Expectations

Middle School ELA Summer Learning Expectations

Dear Students, 

Research proves that “during summer vacation, many students lose knowledge and skills. By the end of summer, students perform on average, one month behind where they left off in the spring”.( McCombs 2011) To help prevent that summer learning loss, Dearborn Public School students are required to complete various summer learning requirements in Language Arts. 

Below you will find the summer learning expectations. Please do your best and read books that follow the guidelines. You will be expected to be able to share out on one of these upon the return to school in the fall. Good luck and Happy Reading!

  • Read 3 novels in the students Lexile range. 
  • The novels cannot be movies. 
  • The novels should not be books that have been previously read or read as a class in the past. 
  • Graphic novels are not recommended.

For each book please jot down on a piece of paper or notecard: 

1. Title/Author 

2. Main characters 

3. Setting (time and place of story)

4. Main conflict 

5. Resolution (ending). 

This should be done for each book. 

  • Directions: Write a minimum ½ page plot summary for each book. If you read and summarize more than 3 books, you will receive extra credit for the additional 2 books read. 

Book Talk Directions:

Choose one of your favorite books read over the summer.

  1. Tell us the title and author of the book.
  1. Show us the cover (if you do not have the book, ask the teacher to project on board).
  2. Tell us what the book is about.
  3. Read a favorite passage and explain why it is memorable.  Prepare ahead of time by using a sticky note to find your passage during your talk.  If you don’t have the book with you, prepare ahead of time by typing or writing out your favorite part, noting the page number.
  1. Evaluate what is good/bad about the book using some specific details about plot, description, suspense, character, theme, language, etc. 
  1. Make an audience recommendation.  How would your “rate” this book and who would most likely read the book?
  1. Show a visual aid and explain.
    1. Create one visual representation from one of the books read this summer – a collage of images from the book (characters, setting, theme, symbolism used in the story, etc.)  Do not use a single picture (such as the cover) downloaded from the internet.  
  1. Place visual representation on an 8 ½ x 11 sheet using the whole sheet mounted on colored construction paper.  
  1. Place the title of book, author, your name and class hour on the bottom right.


How do I access free books?

Thank you and Happy Summer,

The Woodworth Middle School English Language Arts Team