Binder Order

What Everybody Should Have

My Data Folder

  1. Scores
  2. Personal Goals Sheet
  3. NWEA Goal Setting! sheet


  1. Inference Vocabulary
  2. Sir Gaiwan
  3. Sir Gareth and Lynette
  4. Elements of Plot Guided Notes
  5. “Mike’s New Car” (Pixar Short) Plot Map Example
  6. “Lou” (Pixar Short) Plot Map Example
  7. 3 Questions to Identify Climax notes (on back of Lou)
  8. “All Summer in a Day” – Short Story
  9. “All Summer in a Day” Vocab
  10. Figurative Language Guided Notes
    1. Simile Practice
    2. Metaphor Practice
    3. Personification Practice
  11. Figurative Language – The New Class Song practice
  12. Character Traits Word List
  13. Updated Character Traits List
  14. Figurative Language Guided notes (includes alliteration, idiom and onomatopoeia)
  15. Types of Conflict Guided Notes


  1. ABC Brainstorming
  2. ME Graphic Organizer
  3. Personal Narrative Graphic Organizer
  4. Using Quotes/Dialogue Correctly
  5. Personal Narrative Essay Checklist
  6. Hook Guided Notes


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