August/September 2019

Monday 9/30

  1. Do Now –

lost planners and carefully labeled notebooks messily spilled out of Mr. Praters Lost and Found after the first week of School
(4 errors)
(3 adjectives)
(2 adverbs)

  1. Independent Reading Log
  2. Read “The Pocket Watch”
  3. Using the 3 Steps to Identify Climax for “The Pocket Watch”
  4. Work on Personal Narrative

Friday 9/27

  1. Do Now – Rewrite the sentence, circle the adjective, underline the adverbs. Faisel quickly ran down the huge Soccer field he powerfully kicked the old ball the distracted goalie completely missed (3 adverbs)(4 errors) (4 adjectives)
  2. Independent Reading and Inference Log
  3. Review Mike’s New Car
  4. Lou – Plot Map
  5. Steps to Identify Climax –

Thursday 9/26

  1. Do Now –

Jason cautiously entered the creepy barn and looked around carefully He quickly jumped when he saw an old Wizard with a long beard a tall hat and a sparkly cloak?(5 adjectives)
(3 adverbs)
(5 errors)

  1. Independent Reading and Inference Log
  2. Complete pages 55-57 in I-Ready reading workbook
  3. Mike’s New Car – Plot Map – use the video to fill in the blank plot map for each section. Mike’s New Car – YouTube

Wednesday 9/25

  1. Do Now –

i went to fairlane mall with my sister and bought new shoes i wore the shoes to School my friend said that he had the same pair! I am wearing them tomorrow

(9 errors)
(6 verbs)
(8 nouns)

  1. Daily Reading Inference Log
  2. Review as a class – Elements of Plot pages 53-55 I-Ready reading book (2nd and 3rd core didn’t finish 55 due to late start and PBIS Recess)

Tuesday 9/24

  1. Do Now –

The Mona Lisa is a painting by leonardo da vinci it is kept in a room with bullet proof glass the room cost more than 7 million dollars to build (6 errors)
(7 nouns)
(5 verbs)

  1. Daily Reading Inference Log
  2. Elements of Plot Guided Notes
  3. Work on Personal Narrative Draft

Monday 9/23

  1. Do Now –

the movie scream 4 was filmed at woodworth middle school one scene was in ms fahs’s room. I’m a huge fan of scary movies 

(10 errors) (8 nouns) (4 verbs)

  1. Daily Reading Inference Log
  2. Elements of Plot Interactive Video
  3. Personal Narrative Draft Continue working on using Google Classroom

Friday 9/20

  1. Do Now – write 1/2 day and turn in
  2. Independent reading – Write 1/2 day and turn in
  3. Inference Test

Thursday 9/19

  1. Do Now –

my favorite place is cedar point because i love tall rides i am scared that a ride will break down when im on the top (8 errors)
(5 nouns)
(6 verbs)

  1. Daily Reading Inference Log
  2. Read and Discuss King Arthur and the Sword in the Stone
  3. HW – Inference Test Friday

Wednesday 9/18

  1. Do now –

i hit a baseball through the expenssive glass door my mom was mad and cried
(4 errors)
(3 nouns)
(3 verbs)

  1. Daily Reading Inference Log
  2. Split Classes with Mrs. Mckeon – One group reteaching Inference, one group advanced Inference

Tuesday 9/17

  1. Do Now –

A Runner from morocco set the World record for the fastest Mile time. The record is 3 minutes and 43 seconds
(5 errors)
(7 nouns)
(2 verbs)

  1. Daily Reading Inference Log
  2. Read with Elbow Partner – Sir Gareth and Lynette – Complete Chart
  3. Work on Personal Narrative.

Monday 9/16

  1. Do now –

The eiffel tower is located in paris, france. It shrinks 6 Inches every Winter.(6 errors)
(4 nouns)
(3 verbs)

  1. Daily Reading Inference Log
  2. Read Sir Gawain and the Green Knight- Complete questions
  3. Continue Personal Narrative Organizer.

Friday 9/13

  1. Do Now –

i love watching the michigan wolverines play Football at the big house. I always hope i will Run into coach harbaugh in ann arbor.

(12 errors) (5 nouns) (6 verbs)

  1. Complete I-Ready Workbook 47-48 with elbow partner and review as a class
  2. Finish ABC Brainstorming and ME Graphic organizer
  3. Begin Personal Narrative Organizer.

Thursday 9/12

  1. Do Now – Woodworths frist volleyball and football games are this Week. I hope to see a lot of students their.(4 errors)(4 nouns)(3 verbs)
  1. Continue Inferencing Modeling pages 47 and “think aloud”
  2. Complete 48-49 I-Ready book with your partner
  3. Me Graphic Organizer

Wednesday 9/11

  1. Do now the creator of Super Mario Brothers couldnt ride his bike to work because his safety was to important to nintendo.(4 errors)(6 nouns) (3 verbs)
  1. Making Inferences – Teacher Model pages 45-46
  2. Introduce Think Aloud
  3. ME Graphic Organizer

Tuesday 9/10

  1. Do now Rewrite the sentence and edit the mistakes. CIRCLE all nouns and UNDERLINE all verbs.

in july, michigan stadium hosted a huge soccer match between Liverpool and Manchester United? Liverpool dominated the game!

2. Inferences in Comics walk around

3. Continue working on ABC Me Brainstorming

4. HW – Vocabulary Choice Inference Chart

Monday 9/9

1.Do Now Katie wanted to go to cedar point over the summer, but her mom thought that her car wood break down if she tried to drive 3 hours

(4 errors)
(6 nouns)
(7 verbs)

2. Finish Summer Reading Presentations

3. Inference Vocabulary Chart – Choice Board Options Due Thursday

4. All About Me ABC Brainstorming Chart

Friday 9/6

  1. Do Now
  2. Summer Reading Presentations
  3. Inferences Notes
    1. I-Ready Video
    2. Pictures Say 1000 Words

Tuesday 9/3-Thursday 9/5

  1. NWEA Testing – Reading and Language Usage
  2. HW – Summer Reading Presentations Due on Friday.

Friday 8/30 and Monday 9/2

No School Labor Day Weekend

Thursday 8/29

  1. Finish up Bio Poems presentations
  2. 10 minutes to review with interview partner
  3. Present Partner to class.

Wednesday 8/28

  1. Present Bio-Poems
  2. Student Interview Questions

Tuesday 8/27

  1. Present Two Truths and a Lie to class
  2. Bio-Poem assigned
  3. Example Bio Poem

Energetic, inquisitive, intelligent, carefree
Who loves to read books, watch Star Wars, and all Detroit sports teams
Who feels sad when a book ends, and excited as the seasons change, 
Who hates all Ohio sports teams and social media
Who fears heights and some siders
Who would like to see the Lions win the Super Bowl and a hockey game in every single NHL arena

Who has lived in Detroit, Westland, Adrian, Novi, Tucson, Arizona, and Livonia Michigan

4. Complete Bio-Poem at home if not finished in class.

Monday 8/26

  1. Indivudual – Write down the rules you would like to see in this classroom. Table – Share and agree to a list of rules/norms you would like to see in this classroom.
  2. Two Truths and a Lie example – Mr. Prater has a hidden past. The first truth is he was once the radio play by play announcer for the Adrian College football team.  Secondly, sadly, he failed his driver’s test the first two times he attempted it as he ran a stop sign and then hit a parked car. Finally, Mr. Prater is related to John Hancock, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. Which truth is a lie?
  3. Student Two Truths and a Lie

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