Friday 9/28

  1. Do now – Daily Language – Show corrections
    1. in july, michigan stadium hosted a huge soccer match between Liverpool and Manchester United? Liverpool dominated the game!
      (5 errors)
      (7 nouns- circle)
      (2 verbs- underline)
  2. Daily Reading and log
  3. Finish working on Presentations
  4. Present Fairy Tale Plot Maps

Thursday 9/27

  1. Do Now – Would you rather drink an earthworms smoothie or chew 10 pieces of gum from underneath the desks for 30 minutes? (You must choose one)
  2. Daily reading and Log
  3. In Google Classroom, continue working on Fairy Tale Plot Map Presentations

Wednesday 9/26

  1. Do now — Daily Language – Show Corrections
    1. Rewrite the sentence and edit the mistakes.
    2. CIRCLE all nouns and UNDERLINE all verbs.

    Katie wanted to go to cedar point over the summer, but her mom thought that her car wood break down if she tried to drive 3 hours

  2. Daily Reading and Log
  3. With Fairy Tale Group – Complete the four questions for identifying climax and plot Map
  4. In Google Classroom, begin working on Fairy Tale Plot Map Presentations

Tuesday 9/25. Sub

  1. Do Now – Write down the conflict of your favorite book/movie. Explain in detail paragraph.
  2. Read Raymond’s Run – Talk to the Text, Box and Summarize
  3. Complete Raymond’s Run Plot Map

Monday 9/24

  1. Do Now – Show Corrections:1.i and my brother should of build the tree house but last week him was to busy (9) finished the book dinosaur in a haystack and said this author is a wonderful writer (10)
  2. Daily Reading
  3. Library/Media Center Visit/Tour
  4. Group Fairy Tale Read Aloud and Share Summaries
  5. HW – Plot Elements Frayer Model – Extra Credit will be given to the best of each word.

Friday 9/21

  1. Do now – Show Corrections –
    1. 1.he had came too the library to right a short story2.this morning i seen the biggest of the two dogs
  2. Daily Reading Log
  3. Review “Lou” Plot map
  4. “Scooby Doo and the Black Knight” video – individual plot map Blank Plot Map
  5. HW – Box and Summarize – Fairy Tales

Thursday 9/20

  1. Do now –Using one of the books you read for your summer reading, answer the 4 questions for identifying climax in a complete paragraph.
    1. Who is the Protagonist?
    2. Who is the Antagonist?
    3. What is their Conflict?
    4. What event in the story shows the  Conflict ending?
  2. Review “How to Identify Climax in a Story”
  3. Aladdin Video – Practicing Identifying Climax – Aladdin Video
  4. “Lou” Pixar Video – Applying Identifying Climax – “Lou
  5. Plot Map – Complete Plot Map over “Lou”

Wednesday 9/19

  1. Do now – Show corrections
  2. Daily Reading – write down 2 connections
  3. “How to Identify Elements of Plot” notes
  4. Identifying Plot In Pixar movies –
  5. Practice Identifying Elements – Mike’s New Car

Tuesday 9/18

  1. Do Now – In a paragraph, describe the most exciting part of your favorite movie. Explain what makes it exciting.
  2. Daily Reading
  3. Setting Up Interactive Notebook
  4. Elements of Plot Notes – Interactive Notebook- Elements of a Plot Diagram

Monday 9/17

  1. Do now – Show Corrections-m1.the bus leaves st paul at 210 in the afternoon and it arrive in new york at 947 in the evening (11) cousin of my play the guitar good than mine other cousin (6)
  2. Daily Reading – make 2 connections
  3. Finish Summer Book Talk Presentations
  4. HW – Bring in your interactive notebook

Friday 9/14

  1. Do Now –  1.the pool in there backyard hasn’t no water in it 2.did she write winder footsteps, a short poem
  2. Present Summer Book Talks
  3. HW – Good Fit Book on Monday

Thursday 9/13

  1. Do Now – How do you feel about your reading score? (Describe what you can or have done to improve) (EXPLAIN IN A PARAGRAPH)
  2. Review Making Connections and present table connections for selected passages
  3. Begin reading Selected Short Stories and make at least 10 connections – Text to self, Text to text and Text to World
  4. HW- Summer Book Talk presentation due Tomorrow!

Tuesday 9/11 and  Wednesday 9/12

NWEA Testing

Do Nows

Tuesday – NWEA Testing – I did my best

Wednesday – NWEA Testing – I will improve

Monday 9/10

  1. Do Now – Daily Language – Show corrections
    1. mom and she growed roses their in the garden said greg (8)
    2. my sister has took the lost world a short story to School with her (9)
  2. Making Connections Notes Making Connections
  3. Making Connections Guided Notes – Making Connections Guided Notes
  4. Middle School – re-read and make one connection per paragraph.
  5. HW – Book Talk

Friday 9/7

  1. Do Now – Daily Language – Show corrections
    1. 1.anna gots many presents for her Birthday this year unlike last year were she gone on a trip (7)2.josé has began to e-mail his friend and im reparing my computers moniter  (9)
  2. Book Talk – Summer Reading PresentationsSpeaking Portion (for ONE of the books read this summer)Choose one of your favorite cards from above and prepare a book talk for that one book.
    1. Tell us the title and author of the book (Front of the card).
    2. Show us the cover (if you do not have the book, ask teacher to project on board).
    3. Tell us what the book is about (Front of the card).
    4. Read a favorite passage and explain why it is memorable.  Prepare ahead of time by using a sticky note to find your passage during your talk.  If you don’t have the book with you, prepare ahead of time by typing or writing out your favorite part, noting the page number.
    5. Evaluate what is good/bad about the book using some specific details about plot, description, suspense, character, theme, language, etc. (Back of the card)
    6. Make an audience recommendation.  How would your “rate” this book and whom would most likely read the book?
    7. Show a visual aid and explain.
      1. Create one visual representation from one of the books read this summer – a collage of images from the book (characters, setting, theme, symbolism used in the story, etc.)  Do not use a single picture (such as the cover) downloaded from the internet.
  3. Present T-shirts
  4. Read “First Day of Middle School)
    1. Underline Evidence showing her expectations and what happened.2.Individual – find one phrase, line or sentence that best describes her expectations.3.Individual – find one phrase, line or sentence that best describes her actual day.
  5. Share with a Partner

Thursday 9/6

  1. Do Now – Daily Language – Show corrections
  2. 1.jamil and me havent never rode on a motor cycle before tooday (7 or 8)2.this are the most friendliest dog i have ever meet (6)
  3. T-Shirts Design1.First, write your name creatively on the bottom of the paper.2.On the left sleeve, write the names of places you have been.3.On the right sleeve, write your hobbies/interests.4.Over the heart, write down the names of people important to you5.In the middle, write one word that best describes you.6.Around the collar, write your future career7.Lightly decorate and color in your shirt.
  4.  Hw – All About Me T-shirt if not completed

Wednesday 9/5

  1. Do Now – Daily Language – Show corrections
    1. 1.there is two copy of the mouse rap a funny novel  on the shelf (8)2.has maria hitted the baseball yet (5)
  2. Finish Bio-Poem Presentations

Tuesday 9/4

  1. Do Now – Daily Language – Show corrections
    1. cousin’s went two the fairway supermarket for some fruit to (7 mistakes)2.she has knowed her class mates neighbors and best friends for along time (7)
  2. Bio Poem Presentations

Friday 8/31- Monday 9/3

  1. No School – Labor Day Holiday

Thursday 8/30

  1. Do now – What are you most looking forward to as a 6th grader this year? Explain in a paragraph.
  2. Present Student interview
  3. Bio-Poem – Mr. Prater’s Example bio-poem
  4. Bio Poem Template – Copy of Bio Poem Handout
  5. HW – Bio Poem if not finished

Wednesday 8/29

  1. Do now – What is your easiest subject? Explain in a paragraph.
  2. Finish 2 Truths and a Lie presentations
  3. Student Interview Questions – Students will interview a partner and present them in a 30 second presentation.
  4. Present Student Interview
  5.  HW – Student Interview if not finished.

Tuesday 8/28

  1. Do now – What is your most difficult subject? Explain in a paragraph.
  2. Finish presenting Group Norms
  3. Two Truths and a Lie – in a paragraph, write an introduction, 2 true statements and one believable lie about yourself. Present to the class.
    1. Two Truths and a Lie – Mr. Prater (example)Mr. Prater has a hidden past. The first truth is he was once the radio play by play announcer for the Adrian College football team.  Secondly, sadly, he failed his driver’s test the first two times he attempted it as he ran a stop sign and then hit a parked car. Finally, Mr. Prater, the world traveler, has been swimming in four Great Lakes, the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. Which truth is a lie?
  4. HW – 2 Truths and a Lie (if not finished)

Monday 8/27

  1. Do Now – In a paragraph, what would your 5th grade teacher say about you?
  2. Building Class Norms
    1. Individual 5-7 norms
    2. Group 5-7 norms
    3. Present

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