Mrs.Suttles’ Haunted Hallway: A Halloween Celebration

By: Jana Nasser 

On October 29, 2021  Mrs.Suttles hosted a Haunted Hallway for her Gym students. She started this awesome event by just getting a couple decorations,  and then proceeded from there. The Haunted Hallway takes place every year and Suttles always wants to add more decorations and jumpscares. Ms. Suttles explains that it was so difficult to set this year’s hallway up, and that it took her 4 ½ hours. She had the help from 8 students from her classes. 

Students, principals and teachers tried out the Haunted Hallway such as Mrs. Fawaz, Ms. Mohsen, Mr. Bazzi, Mr. Dakhlallah,  Mr. Waddel and Mrs. Younes. Mrs. Suttles’ favorite part was the starry night/ fog effect. A 7th grade student Arwa Hussein said,

”I loved the haunted hallway, but I just wish that she didn’t jumpscare us with her Harley Quinn costume. My favorite part was the flashing lights. My least favorite part was the scarecrow”.   Another 7th grade student Fatima Mteirek said, ”I loved the haunted hallway and it was SO fun. My favorite parts were the fog and flashing lights. I loved every part and didn’t wish for anything to change.” 

Lowrey is lucky to have such a creative teacher that loves Halloween so much!  Thank you Mrs. Suttles for making Halloween more spooky!

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