Veteran’s Day: Recap

By: Sarah Mallah

      It was Veterans Day 2021. The 6th grade teachers were asked to bring their students to Lowrey’s  91st Annual Ceremony. When the students got ready and wore their coats, then they went outside for the event. Everyone was waiting patiently out in the front of Lowrey School for the ceremony to begin.

      The school counselor, Dr. Hassan Dakroub, gave the introduction. After that, the student council officers went next to the stand by the microphone and recited the Pledge of Allegiance. The dignitaries, students and  the teachers also said the pledge along with them and put their right hands on their chest. When it ended, a girl named Mariam Habhab was chosen to sing the National Anthem. She went next to the microphone and started singing. When the song ended everyone applauded.

        Then it was time for Chaplain Rick Nevue to pray. Mariam Habhab stepped down so Chaplain Rick Nevue could come to the microphone and pray. When that was done everyone was clapping. Next Mr. Doyle’s Music Connections Students performed by singing a song. The song was called “America The Beautiful.” Mr. Doyle played the piano when the students sang. Flag Raising and calling colors are after that. This is where the Ritual Team brings the flag and the Dearborn Allied War attach the flag on to the pole and raise it up. The Veterans Council called the colors when the flag had been raised.

        Dr. Hassan Dakroub talked and  recognized the  guests. He called all the dignitaries’ names and introduced them.  Everyone clapped at each person he introduced. Then the principal, Mrs. Younes and a lot of other veterans gave remarks/comments.  Some of the  guests at the ceremony were Mr. Adam Martin, Executive Director of Student Achievement/Dearborn Public Schools –  Mrs. Susan Dabaja, Dearborn City Council President-  Mr. Abdullah Hammoud, Mayor Elect for the City of Dearborn- and Mr. Tom Pitock, the Commander of the Dearborn Allied War Veterans Council.

         It was finally time to give the roll call. The Lowrey Assistant Principal, Mr. Samir Dakhlallah called the 47 names of the veterans who were once Lowrey students.  They all served in the military and had passed away.  When he was calling the names, current Lowrey students were putting white, blue, and red flowers at the base of the flagpole.  After that event it was time for the Honor Guard Salute which was held by the Dearborn Allied War and the Veterans Council also known as DAWVC. The veterans in this group saluted and then they shot their guns (with fake bullets) into the air three  times. They did this to honor anyone who died serving the U.S.A. in the military. Next, Jim Helka (DAWVC) used a bugle horn to play the song TAPS. It is a traditional song used in the armed services . Last but not least, Mrs. Maha Fayad, Lowrey’s  Administrative Intern, gave the closing remarks. Everyone clapped and the ceremony ended successfully.  Lowery takes great pride in upholding this tradition and honoring the veterans in our community.

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