12 September 2017

1st and 3rd Hour:

We finished the current event activity about Hurricane Harvey. This activity was on Google Classroom. Each student should have it turned in by midnight tonight.

Finish the Harvey Current Event activity

4th and 5th Hour:
For bellwork, we completed the MLA citation for the Hurricane Harvey article.

Students set- up their interactive notebooks. Materials for the interactive notebook can be found on Google Classroom in the About tab.


6th Hour:

We did community building activities with Mrs. Harb, one of the school social workers. Students finished the hour with study time for the map quiz on Friday.

Upcoming Quiz:

There will be a map quiz on Friday, September 15.
Students must know:
-Location of the 7 continents
-Location of the oceans and bodies of water
-5 of the countries from their map
-Directions on the compass

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