Mr. Pfleghaar

Dearborn Public Schools

Card Marking 2!

Greetings! The first card marking saw lots of successes as well as triumphs and overcome obstacles. We worked hard on many short stories, non-fiction reading passages, and sentence correcting. We learned how to properly correct run-on sentences and the importance of appositive phrases. Card marking 2 will see you writing your first formal argumentative essay….

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The iBlog has finally been created!

Greetings 8th grade! The classroom blog is finally established. You will find class announcements, due dates for certain projects, and shout-outs for exemplary work.


Welcome to iBlog

Welcome to iBlog Teacher Websites Sites. This is your brand new classroom website.  There are some things you should do to get started.  Hopefully you have been following the Getting Started Tutorials and Step Sheets. It is important that you edit your profile so that you can choose your school and grade level as this will…

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