Summer Learning Update

I hope you are having an enjoyable summer vacation! Here is an update on the required summer learning. Remember, you should be working on 6th grade skills this summer to help prepare you for starting 7th grade in the fall.

Khan Solution Letter-Summer Learning 2020

July 22, 2020

Dear Families,                                                            

All middle school students were assigned summer learning using Khan Academy. 

We are aware of the recent issues with Khan Academy being removed from Clever.

In order to continue with your math summer learning minutes, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Dearborn Public Schools homepage
  2. Go to Student Portal
  3. Type in URL and click enter
  4. Your name or ID number will appear on the top right corner of your screen. If not, follow the steps prompted.
  5. Make sure you are using your Dearborn school´s gmail account and NOT your personal account.
  6. If you can not view your minutes, your teacher will  be able to retrieve the information in the fall.

**Remember only 480 exercise minutes count towards summer leaning.

**This will be your first formative grade in the Fall.

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