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Upper Elementary Challenges (3-5)

Challenge #9

This is our last week of musical challenges! So for this week’s challenge, I am holding a virtual Show and Tell! Here are some ways you can show off your talents:

  • Sing a song (see playlist below for some ideas)
  • Play an instrument (I would love to hear our band and string students)
  • Dance (this includes ballet, tap dancing, hip hop or folk dances we learned in music class)
  • Tell a joke (see website below for some ideas)
  • Read a Book
  • Show off your pet doing tricks
  • Show off your athletic skills

Record yourself showing off your talents and send it to me via email ( Here are my submissions for our Virtual Show and Tell.

Singing a Song Playlist:

Tell a Joke:

List of Jokes for Kids:

Reading a Poem/Book:

Playing an Instrument:

Pet Doing Tricks:

Challenge #8

For this week’s challenge, we will be exploring Chrome Music Lab. You will need to access the following website:

Please watch my lesson below for the instructions. You can send your musical creations to me through email (, Class Dojo or Google Classroom.

Challenge #7

For this week’s challenge, we will be “rapping” a story. You will need the following materials for the challenge:

  • a children’s book (a book written for younger students usually works best)
  • a back beat chosen from the ones provided below

Please choose ONE of the following back beats to read your story along to.

Option #1
Option #2
Option #3

Please choose a book and record you reading along with the back beat. If you do not have a book that is suitable for this challenge, please email me.

Here are my submissions for this week’s challenge. Please send your recordings to me via email (, Google Classroom or your Class Dojo portfolio.

In the Tall, Tall Grass
Dancing Feet!
Monsters Don’t Eat Broccoli

I can’t wait to hear your favorite stories and back beats!

Challenge #6

For this week’s challenge, we will be making a water xylophone! For this challenge, you will need the following:

  • 8 cups (glass works best)
  • a pitcher filled with water
  • something to tap the cups (a wooden or plastic spoon works best)
  • food coloring (OPTIONAL)

Below is the lesson and my submission for Challenge #6. Please send in your pictures or recordings to me via email (, Class Dojo or Google Classroom. Can’t wait to see and hear your xylophones!

Challenge #5

For Challenge #5, we will be moving and dancing! 3-5 grade students will be demonstrating motions to show the different parts of the music. Please record yourself demonstrating the movements and send it to me to complete the challenge!

*There are two movement activities below. Please choose ONE and send your recording to me. If you cannot complete the movement challenge, please see the ALTERNATE CHALLENGE #5 below.*

Challenge #5, Option #1 – you will need some sort of sticks for this challenge (pencils, sticks from outside, chopsticks, kitchen utensils or clapping your hands will work as well).

Challenge #5, Option #2 – You will need 4 pieces of paper labeled with a quarter note (ta), half note (ta-ah), barred eighth notes (ti ti) and whole note (ta-a-a-ah). See below for the lesson and then then the music for when you record yourself.

Alternate Challenge #5

Please visit the website below. It should take you to a virtual music room. Click on the items in the music room to visit different musical sites. Click the YELLOW CHECK MARK to finish the challenge.

Challenge #4

For this week’s challenge, we are going to make our own instruments! 3rd-5th grade students can choose to make ONE of the following: a guitar, straw pipe or cardboard kazoo. For this challenge, you will need:

  • Guitar Materials: some sort of box (shoe box, cereal box, tissue box, Amazon box), empty paper towel tube, rubber bands and a pencil
  • Straw Pipe Materials: straws, a ruler, scissors and some tape
  • Cardboard Kazoo: some type of cardboard (empty toilet paper or paper towel roll, or cardboard from a box), rubber bands, scissors and wax paper (paper towels could also work)

*If you do not have these materials at home, no worries. Please see the alternate challenge below.*

Here are instructional videos for each of the instruments:


Straw Pipe

Cardboard Kazoo

Here are my instructions for a cardboard kazoo with what I had at home:

*Use your homemade instrument to play the following rhythm video.*

*Send me a recording of you playing along with the rhythm video or send me a picture of your shaker. You can email me (, upload to your Class Dojo portfolio OR upload and send to me through your Google Classroom.*

Alternate Challenge #4

If you do not have the materials for Challenge #4, please choose a few of the following notes on the staff and draw them using sidewalk chalk, markers, crayons or colored pencils. Please send me a picture of your notes or a recording of you playing the notes on your recorder (or any other instrument you have at home).

3rd graders should draw solfege on the staff (see below).

4th and 5th graders should draw notes on the staff (see below).

Here is my submission for Alternate Challenge #4:

Challenge #3

For Challenge #3, please play the following YouTube clip with an instrument that you find around the house or use body percussion. Here are some examples of instruments you might play:

Please choose one instrument and assign it to one of the shapes in the following YouTube clip. Record yourself playing and send the record to my email,

Here is my submission:

Challenge #2

Take a look at the clip below about being a conductor and counting the beats of the music:

Being a conductor means that you are showing the musicians the beat of the music. Can you choose one of your favorite songs and try to be the conductor? You will have to play your favorite song and record yourself conducting. Here is my submission for Challenge #2:

All video submissions can be submitted to me through email at

Challenge #1

One of the easiest ways to get rid of germs is by washing our hands properly and frequently. Music can help us with the amount of time we should be scrubbing our hands. Below is my submission for Challenge #1. You can use any song that is at least 20 seconds. Any submissions can be sent to me through email at Remember, if you submit something for every challenge, you will be entered into a raffle on June 8!