April 17

Yoga At Home

Adult yoga videos:

  1. Seated Yoga Sequence for a Healthy Back https://youtu.be/lKcF_xROWZI 
  2. Happy Hips – Hip-openers for Mobility, Strength and Flexibility https://youtu.be/EXk5y77lF6g 
  3. Parent Yoga for Positive Energy w/ Metta Meditation https://youtu.be/CVNIHahO30c 
  4. Gentle Yoga Sequence to Strengthen and Support Respiratory System https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECMhR6Za0jU 

Student yoga videos:

  1. Sun Salute Yoga Flow  https://youtu.be/Q1dfO58XIxE  – This Sun Salute yoga flow is a great physical activity designed to start each day in a positive way. Participate in this kid-friendly series of yoga poses to empower your body and mind.
  2. Ocean Breathing https://youtu.be/9jVVBMoazco – Stay calm and collected with deep Ocean Breaths
  3. Warrior Yoga Flow for Strength https://youtu.be/ZB_wp9yad-0 – Little Warriors, practice this strengthening yoga flow to feel brave and victorious!  Remember, when things get tough – use deep, ocean breathing to keep calm and carry on. 
  4. Lazy 8 Yoga Flow https://youtu.be/m-iGKkz-fRY – Combine this kid-friendly flow with deep abdominal breathing to improve immunity and calm the nervous system.
  5. Bodies in Balance https://youtu.be/BjB6-VhDcwI  – A kid-friendly yoga practice to increase confidence and focus 
  6. Get Grounded https://youtu.be/Zs19fdBZN1U  Tune into your body and breath with this grounding, kneeling yoga sequence 

Modified yoga videos:

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