March 17

Taking a Step Back From COVID-19

I just wanted to take a step back amidst all the chaos going on with COVID-19 and share some things with parents and students. I know that during this crisis many families have many realities. I also understand that the capacity to help support our students at home may be limited in relation to everything going on at home and in the world. Please understand that students will not be penalized for not submitting their work. I will continue to provide feedback to student work and I am completely flexible with due dates. We would like to continue enriching the learning of our students and help however best we can. I appreciate the outpouring support of all the parents who are working hard juggling this new remote learning while dealing with other stressors. You ROCK!! Please make sure to take the time to destress, take time for yourselves, and be safe.

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Posted March 17, 2020 by Nesreen Najm in category "Class News

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