March 16

COVID-19 Week #1 Lessons

During our COVID-19 break we will be using remote learning to complete our class assignments. As I know this new learning maybe a little overwhelming at first, this week students will practice using Google Classroom and working on simple tasks in reading, writing, and math. Their Google Classroom login email is their and their password is their birthday in MM/DD/YYYY format. Students should already know their student number, but may need help with the part of their email. Next week I hope to include our science and social studies work as well. Please notice that I have deleted the previous math page assignments as we will not be reviewing during the time off, but instead we will continue working through our lessons to prevent us from falling behind. My goal is to post the assignments for the day each morning on Google Classroom. Writing work can be done in a notebook or loose leaf papers. The math lesson will be presented in a video and then the assigned math page will be attached. Students who have their Eureka Math Succeed books can complete the work that way and students who do not can print or copy the problems on a loose leaf paper. I understand that things may be a little complicated at first, but we will work together to ensure the success of each student. For now, please click on the link to access our Google Classroom:

Our class code is: rfsvnho

Also attached to this post is the overview of our assignments for this week

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