May Mystery Artist

May Mystery Artist Clues:


*I was an American  artist and am best known for my sculptures and mobiles.

*I also made wire portraits, stage sets, painted an aircraft and a car.

*One of my sculptures is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


February Mystery Artist

February Mystery Artist Clues:

-I lived from 1917-2000

-I was a painter and also a teacher.

-I painted with a “dynamic cubism” style.

-One of my most famous painting series was painted on 60 panels of cardboard and was called the “Migration Series”.


October Mystery Artist

  October Mystery Artist Clues:

-I was born in 1891 and lived most of my life in Washington D.C.

-I was a kindergarten teacher and then an art teacher, as well as an artist.

-I was the first African American woman to receive a solo exhibition in the Whitney Museum.

-“Through color, I have sought to concentrate on beauty and happiness, rather than man’s inhumanity to man.”


September Mystery Artist

September Mystery Artist Clues:

-I am a pen and ink artist who makes large, detailed wing murals.

-I am an artist who wants people to interact with my art by taking pictures with it and then sharing the pictures online with the hashtag #whatliftsyou .

-I studied art in Florence and graduated from Richmond University in London.

April and May Mystery Artist

April and May Mystery Artist Clues:

-I am an American artist who was born in 1940 and am still alive today.

-I am famous for my large-scale grid portraits.

-In addition to painting, I also weave tapestries, am a printmaker, and a photographer.

-I have made several portraits using only my fingerprints.

A portrait made from fingerprints

My painting in a museum, from far away and a close-up

A self-portrait, using a grid method