Friday (10/25/2019)

Math: Complete math worksheet in folder.

Reading: Have your child choose their favorite fiction book from their book bin and write a summary using transition words (first, next, then, and finally).

Thursday ( 10/24/2019)

Math: Have your child log in to Zearn.

Reading: Please read books for 20 minutes.

Spelling: Tomorrow is our spelling test. Please continue to practice with your child.

Thursday’s Homework:

Math: Complete lesson 22

Spelling: Spelling test tomorrow.

Reading: Read books for 20 minutes

Wednesday’s Homework

Math: complete lesson 21

Tuesday’s Homework

Math: Complete lesson 20.

Spelling: Review words with your child.

Reading: Read books for 20 minutes.

Monday’s Homework

Math: Complete lesson 19 (commutative property).

Spelling: Write each word three times.

Reading: Read books for 20 minutes.