January 10

Notebook Checks 1/15 & 1/16

Notebook checks for this card marking will be this coming Wednesday (A day) and Thursday (B day). Students should follow the rubric to make sure their notebook meets the requirements. Below is the table of contents that each student should have at the beginning of the notebook, as well as the assignment attachments in case anyone needs to print a new copy. If any student needs a notebook, please see me before Wednesday. I have also attached a copy of the rubric.

NOTEBOOK CHECKS ARE 30 SUMMATIVE POINTS. Please follow the rubric that is attached. This notebook check will be on pages 22-38.

Page # & Assignment Name

  • 22 Notes 5 Themes of Geography
  • 23 5 Themes of Geography Article
  • 24 Notes Informational Text
  • 25 Informational Text Activity (I will pass these back to you)
  • 26 Vocabulary Log
  • 27 Movement Article
  • 28 Graphic Organizer (Blank page for some classes)
  • 29 Text-Dependent Questions
  • 30 TDQ Continued
  • 31 TDQ Continued
  • 32 Movement Summary
  • 33 Young Immigrants CCR
  • 34 Regions Article & CER
  • 35 Blank Page
  • 36 Regions Map
  • 37 Human-Environment Interaction Article (HEI)
  • 38 Study Guide

Assignments: (In order of the table of contents) 5 Themes Notes

Copies of the assignments are also located in the blue crate in the back of my room. Because it is the end of our card marking, NO LATE NOTEBOOK WILL BE ACCEPTED. Sorry!

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January 10

Midterm Exam- 1/15 & 1-16

We will be having our midterm exam this coming week. “A” day classes will be taking their midterm exam on Wednesday, 1-15-20, and “B” day classes will be taking their midterm exam on Thursday, 1-16-20. Students should review the study guide given to the other day. Study guides will be graded on Monday/Tuesday and we will go over the correct answers as well. I have attached the study guide for anyone who needs it. USE YOUR NOTEBOOKS TO STUDY!! All of the answers to the study guide can be found in your notebook (pages 5-38).

Study Guide https://docs.google.com/document/d/1a4MphR5SKNgIbMpGw00aqgtchFTMZsY0MBjWiwshOLI/edit?usp=sharing

Study Guide ANSWER KEY https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1V2IcxECUlTRnJyZlZLQ09WVTdWa1N0bmQ3Nl9yMGFVd2Nz/view?usp=sharing

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December 16

The Lorax

We are now learning about HUMAN-ENVIRONMENT INTERACTION. As a way to introduce ourselves to this theme, we are watching The Lorax, which is based on the Dr. Seuss book by the same name. This movie is all about what happens when humans interact with their environment, including both the good and the bad that can come from it.

On Monday and Tuesday, classes watched the 1972 version of The Lorax. This version can easily be found on YouTube by searching for “The Lorax” or by using this link:

Students must complete PART 1 of the video guide (questions #1-10) as they watch the movie. The video guide must be turned in to me to be graded. DO NOT DO PART 2 YET! We will work on part 2 together during our next class.

Here is an UPDATED link to the video guide: (print it off and turn in to Ms. Thomas)


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December 9

Regions CER

We have now begun learning about the second theme of geography, REGION. I have attached the article that we read in class. This article includes the CER that students were assigned to do for homework.

For the article, students must read each paragraph, circle words they do not know and highlight/underline important facts and main ideas. Then students will write a summary for each paragraph and answer the questions in each box.

To do the CER, students must first read the article and answer the CER question: “Can regions vary in size? Why or why not?”. We have discussed this topic in class. The word “vary” means to change or be different. A region is two or more places that have one feature in common. Also remember that regions can be based on physical features (natural land like mountains and lakes) or cultural features (like language or religion). Therefore, there are different types of regions all around the world. For homework, students must answer the question in their own words (the claim), then they must find a sentence to quote from the article that supports their answer (the evidence), and lastly they must explain how/why their evidence supports their answer (the reasoning). Once students have answered each part of their CER at the end of the article, then they must write a final draft on a separate sheet of lined paper. That paper must be stapled to the article once they are done. The final draft CER must be written like a paragraph, which means that students must come up with an introduction sentence and a conclusion sentence to add to their CER. The final paragraph must be indented and each sentence must be written without skipping lines. The CER is due on WEDNESDAY (B-day classes) and THURSDAY (A-day classes).

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November 25

Young Immigrant Stories

The theme of MOVEMENT deals with how people, goods, ideas and information move from one place to another. Sometimes that movement happens at a local level (places nearby) or it can happen at an international level (involving 2 or more countries). People move for all different reasons and they do it using many different types of transportation. To continue our understanding of how and why people move, we are going to learn about a few young immigrants by reading about their lives and watching their personal video. To access their stories, please visit this website:


Each of you will choose which individuals you would like to learn more about. You will begin by watching their personal video and then you will read about them (every page). Then with a partner, you will complete the questions. The questions will be attached once they have been assigned in class. Together we will discuss and compare our stories, so be ready to tell us which person you connected with the most and why you were drawn to their story.

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November 8


Now that we are learning about the 5 themes of geography, it’s time to examine each theme individually. Using the acronym “MR. HELP”, we are are starting our learning by beginning with the letter M which stands for MOVEMENT. Movement deals with how people, goods and ideas move from place to place. Movement happens at a local level (nearby) or at an international level (country to country).

I have attached the assignments that we are currently working on that are related to movement. Those assignments are the vocabulary log and the movement article. Students DO NOT need to read or summarize the article yet, WE WILL DO THAT TOGETHER NEXT WEEK. All that students need to do right now is COMPLETE THE VOCABULARY LOG which is due next week Tuesday (B-day classes) and Wednesday (A-day classes).

To complete the vocabulary log, students must find the sentence from the article that used that vocabulary word and they are to write that sentence onto their vocabulary log under the column titled “copied sentence from the text”. After students copy the sentence from the article, they must underline the context clues (other words in the same sentence that help us understand the meaning of the vocabulary word). We already completed the definitions in class, so unless you were absent that day, you should already have that column completed on your vocabulary log. Your next step is to draw a picture to represent each word under the column titled “visual”. Finally, students will write their own sentence for each word. Those sentences must be meaningful– you will underline the context clues in your own sentence as well. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO USE MY EXAMPLE SENTENCES ANYWHERE ON YOUR CHART! You must write your own sentences in the last column.

Again, students DO NOT need to READ the entire article, we will be reading it together in class next week. Your only job right now is to complete the vocabulary log on time.

Enjoy your weekend!!

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October 28

5 Themes of Geography

For today’s assignment, you must read each paragraph. As you read, you will draw a BOX around the main topic/topics in each paragraph, UNDERLINE the important facts, and CIRCLE any words you do not know or words you would like to know more about. Then you will summarize each paragraph by drawing a detailed picture in the box below. This is due the next day we have class and is worth 20 points.


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October 15

Unit 1 QUIZ: Oct. 24 & 25 (Thursday & Friday)

We will be having an end of the unit quiz on Thursday, October 24th and Friday, October 25th (depending on which day you have me in class). We will be getting a study guide before the quiz that you will be able to work on during class with a partner. We will also review the study guide together in class the day before your quiz. I will attach the study guide to this post after we have passed it out in class. You will only have one class period to finish your test, so make sure you study and that you are prepared to do well!

Your quiz will cover pages 5-20 in your ISN (those are the pages you need to study). Those are also the pages you will use to complete your study guide.


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October 15

ISN Notebook check Oct. 21st & 22nd

ISN Notebook checks will be done on Tuesday, October 21st and Wednesday, October 22nd (the day you have me in class). You will be leaving your notebooks with me to be graded. I will be following the ISN rubric that I passed out in class and you stapled into your notebooks. I have attached the rubric for those that need to review the ISN requirements.



Page # / Assignment Name

  • 1-4. Table of Contents
  • 5. What is Geography?
  • 6. Text-Dependent Questions
  • 7. Geography Graphic Organizer
  • 8. World Maps
  • 9. Our Continents & Oceans
  • 10. Notes- 5 Components of a Map
  • 11. Map with 5 Components
  • 12. Latitude & Longitude Notes
  • 13. Latitude & Longitude Practice
  • 14. Latitude & Longitude W.S.
  • 15. Latitude & Longitude Practice (Blank page for some)
  • 16. Global Grid & Hemispheres
  • 17. Notes- 3 Types of Maps
  • 18. Google Maps Scavenger Hunt

YOU ARE ALSO REQUIRED TO HAVE EVERY ASSIGNMENT GLUED/STAPLED TO THE CORRECT PAGE ACCORDING TO YOUR TABLE OF CONTENTS. Copies of these assignments can be found in the blue crate in the back of my room. Some of the assignments are also located within different posts on my blog, so please look around and see what you can find. REMEMBER: NOTEBOOK CHECKS ARE WORTH 30 POINTS (formative this time only, summative every other time) so make sure you are prepared and have your organized on time!

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October 11


Map quiz retakes will be on Tuesday and Wednesday after school in my room from 3:00-3:30. Please pick a day and sign up if you want to do a retake. I will keep whichever test grade is the highest. Sign-up sheets are posted outside of my room.

I have attached a copy of a correctly labeled map for you to study with. You must be able to label the 7 continents, 5 oceans, the equator and the prime meridian. See me on Monday if you have any questions. GOOD LUCK!! 🙂

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