January 10

Notebook Checks 1/15 & 1/16

Notebook checks for this card marking will be this coming Wednesday (A day) and Thursday (B day). Students should follow the rubric to make sure their notebook meets the requirements. Below is the table of contents that each student should have at the beginning of the notebook, as well as the assignment attachments in case anyone needs to print a new copy. If any student needs a notebook, please see me before Wednesday. I have also attached a copy of the rubric.

NOTEBOOK CHECKS ARE 30 SUMMATIVE POINTS. Please follow the rubric that is attached. This notebook check will be on pages 22-38.

Page # & Assignment Name

  • 22 Notes 5 Themes of Geography
  • 23 5 Themes of Geography Article
  • 24 Notes Informational Text
  • 25 Informational Text Activity (I will pass these back to you)
  • 26 Vocabulary Log
  • 27 Movement Article
  • 28 Graphic Organizer (Blank page for some classes)
  • 29 Text-Dependent Questions
  • 30 TDQ Continued
  • 31 TDQ Continued
  • 32 Movement Summary
  • 33 Young Immigrants CCR
  • 34 Regions Article & CER
  • 35 Blank Page
  • 36 Regions Map
  • 37 Human-Environment Interaction Article (HEI)
  • 38 Study Guide

Assignments: (In order of the table of contents) 5 Themes Notes

Copies of the assignments are also located in the blue crate in the back of my room. Because it is the end of our card marking, NO LATE NOTEBOOK WILL BE ACCEPTED. Sorry!

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