December 9

Regions CER

We have now begun learning about the second theme of geography, REGION. I have attached the article that we read in class. This article includes the CER that students were assigned to do for homework.

For the article, students must read each paragraph, circle words they do not know and highlight/underline important facts and main ideas. Then students will write a summary for each paragraph and answer the questions in each box.

To do the CER, students must first read the article and answer the CER question: “Can regions vary in size? Why or why not?”. We have discussed this topic in class. The word “vary” means to change or be different. A region is two or more places that have one feature in common. Also remember that regions can be based on physical features (natural land like mountains and lakes) or cultural features (like language or religion). Therefore, there are different types of regions all around the world. For homework, students must answer the question in their own words (the claim), then they must find a sentence to quote from the article that supports their answer (the evidence), and lastly they must explain how/why their evidence supports their answer (the reasoning). Once students have answered each part of their CER at the end of the article, then they must write a final draft on a separate sheet of lined paper. That paper must be stapled to the article once they are done. The final draft CER must be written like a paragraph, which means that students must come up with an introduction sentence and a conclusion sentence to add to their CER. The final paragraph must be indented and each sentence must be written without skipping lines. The CER is due on WEDNESDAY (B-day classes) and THURSDAY (A-day classes).

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