November 25

Young Immigrant Stories

The theme of MOVEMENT deals with how people, goods, ideas and information move from one place to another. Sometimes that movement happens at a local level (places nearby) or it can happen at an international level (involving 2 or more countries). People move for all different reasons and they do it using many different types of transportation. To continue our understanding of how and why people move, we are going to learn about a few young immigrants by reading about their lives and watching their personal video. To access their stories, please visit this website:

Each of you will choose which individuals you would like to learn more about. You will begin by watching their personal video and then you will read about them (every page). Then with a partner, you will complete the questions. The questions will be attached once they have been assigned in class. Together we will discuss and compare our stories, so be ready to tell us which person you connected with the most and why you were drawn to their story.

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