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Guest Readers for March is Reading Month

Attention all Parents!

During March is reading month we love to have guest readers come into our classroom and read!  The students would LOVE to have their mom, dad, older brother or sister, grandma or grandpa or any family member come in and read a story to our class.  It could be your child’s favorite book, or you can pick a book from our classroom library.

If you would like to come in and read, please send me an email listing the days you are available or speak with me after school any day!  This will be going on until the end of March!

Classroom Needs!

Hello Families!

We just recently ran out of Kleenex in our classroom!  We are also running low on Ziploc slider bags quart and gallon size.  We use these bags for many games in our classroom.  We also use sandwich size ziploc bags for sight words, math games, and much more.

If you could bring in any of these items to help out our class I would really appreciate it!

Thank you!






Timeline Project!

I hope everyone is enjoying their break!  I told the students I would post my timeline example as well as some others I sent home with them.  I can’t wait to see all of their timelines when we get back to school next week! This is by far my favorite project.

Please Email me if you have any questions.

Spelling Words Week 3!

Week 3: February 12th – February 16th
-et word family

Love is a bonus word due to Valentines day being this week!

wet jet pet
net vet get
my can love


Also, I wanted to send out a big THANK YOU to everyone that was able to bring in Lysol wipes to help keep our classroom clean!  I really appreciate your support! 

Snow Day Update

Hello everyone!  I hope you are all enjoying your snow day at home with your families.  Due to the snow day, our spelling test on the AN family will be given Monday morning.

Also, the students have been working really hard on some new informational writing about Penguins!  Please come in and look at their writing on Monday.  It is displayed in the hallway.

I would also love to see some stories from their weekend!  Ask your child to draw a picture and write a short story about something they did on their snow day!  I will be looking forward to reading them Monday.

-Ms. Jacobs


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