LEGO League Jr. Resources 2018-2019

LEGO League Jr. Team Resources:

FIRST® LEGO® League Jr. Multimedia Connections Below is a session-by-session list of all the Multimedia Connections for the MISSION MOONSM Challenge. These resources include links to websites, videos, building instructions, and other online tools related to the content of each session.

Consider sharing some or all of the resources during team meetings, and/or encourage your team to explore them between sessions (with permission and supervision from a parent or guardian). Before sharing any of the resources, be sure to preview them in order to familiarize yourself with the content and to make sure they are appropriate for the ages and ability levels of your team members.

Note: Points of view or opinions contained within the resources referenced in the Multimedia Connections do not necessarily represent the official position or policies of FIRST® or the LEGO® Group. – For an overview of the Moon, along with Moon facts, photos, and an interactive map, visit NASA’s Earth’s Moon website. –  Visit the European Space Agency’s The Moon: ESA’s Interactive Guide to explore lunar exploration through videos, facts, and interactive features. – For kid-friendly general information and games about outer space, visit this NASA Kids’ Club.

Check out the ESA Space Insights video playlist above to hear experts from the European Space Agency talk about a wide range of topics related to space travel. Episodes include Working in Space (2 minutes, 9 seconds), Gravity (1 minute, 27 seconds), and Robots on the Moon (1 minute, 55 seconds). – If you have access to binoculars, invite your team use them to observe the Moon. To prepare, watch the Ready Jet Go!: Binoculars video (1 minute, 30 seconds) from PBS Kids. – Download the International Observe the Moon Night’s Moon Viewing Ideas for the Whole Family (PDF) and/or NASA Night Sky Network’s Observing the Moon (PDF) for additional activity ideas and printable handouts. – For a variety of small- and large-group activities related to the Moon and designed for children ages 8 to 13, visit the Explore! Marvel Moon webpage and Explore!

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